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    The BEST SMOOTH SKIN Effect In Video - Filmora Tutorial

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    The BEST SMOOTH SKIN Effect In Video - Filmora Tutorial

    Hello video editors, I am Salia Lee, welcome to Sally tutorials. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to achieve the best smooth skin effect in videos using Filmora video editor and free effects. This tutorial will guide you through removing blemishes, enhancing skin appearance, adjusting facial features, and more. So, let's dive in.

    To begin, open your Filmora video editor and drag the video clip onto the timeline. Apply the beautify effect from the effects tab and customize the settings to enhance skin appearance. You can adjust parameters like smoothness, whitening, plump cheeks, facial contours, eye size, nose shape, and more to achieve the desired look. Once you have made all the adjustments, increase the duration of the effect to cover the entire video. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to help you beautify your videos effectively.


    Now we have to apply the effect on it go to the effects Tab and click on it search here for the beautify effect [Music] drag and drop the effect onto the timeline increase the duration of the effect according to the video now in this effect we have to make settings double-click the effect you have to do the same settings that I do here you can note these settings with you here I will do the beauty settings first in the beauty section I put retina 36. [Music] I set smooth to 100. I keep Whiting at 64. set hairline to zero I keep plump cheeks at 100. remove nasolabial folds at 100. whiten teeth keep 83 after doing Beauty settings go to face section and click on it now here I do face settings set the shrink face option to zero set the shrink jaw option to zero adjust the narrow face option according to your face I keep the narrow face at 100 according to this face I set the shin face shape option to zero set the shrink cheekbone option to zero I set filterum length option to 100. I keep the mouth type at 42. I keep the chin length at 78. after doing face settings go to Y section and click on it now I will do the I settings here within the I section I set the enlarge eye option to 100. I set the round eye option to 36. I set the I distance option to zero I set the eye angle option to zero I set the open canthus option to 100. [Music] I set the brightness option to 100 I keep the remove dark circles option at 100. open external canthus is also kept at 100. after doing the eye settings now we have to do the last settings of the nose go to the nose section and click on it also adjust the narrow nose option according to your face by the way I keep the option of narrow nose at 27 according to this face I keep the nose length at 68. [Music] and keep the profile rhinoplasty option at 58.

    I hope this video will be very helpful for you and you will have enjoyed it if you like the video then like the video and if you are new to the channel then you can subscribe to the channel friends if you haven't seen 50 filmora Secrets tips and tricks yet then you haven't seen anything click on the above link now and enjoy this video bye [Applause] [Music]


    Smooth Skin Effect, Video Editing, Filmora, Beautify Effect, Skin Enhancement, Facial Feature Adjustment, Tutorial


    1. How can I achieve a smooth skin effect in videos using Filmora?
    2. What are the key steps involved in enhancing skin appearance and adjusting facial features in video editing?
    3. Can I use free effects in Filmora to improve skin texture and overall video quality?

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