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    The BEST Settings For All Social Media in Davinci Resolve 2023

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    If you're looking to enhance the quality of your social media videos and ensure they look stunning on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, having the right project settings and export settings is crucial. In this article, we'll walk you through the perfect project settings, the best export settings, and some tips to ensure your high-quality exports stand out on social media platforms.

    First, open up Instagram and adjust the data usage settings to upload at higher quality. For TikTok, make sure to enable the HD feature when uploading. In Davinci Resolve, follow these steps to set up your project for social media: duplicate and rename a vertical timeline, change the resolution to 1920x1080, adjust the frame rate to 30 frames per second, and scale your clips to fill the vertical resolution.

    Once your project is ready, head to the Deliver tab in Davinci Resolve to export your video. Choose a moderate bitrate between 2500-5000 kilobytes per second to balance quality and file size. Consider exporting in Rec 709a for accurate playback on Mac. Finally, add your project to the render queue and render the video with the selected settings.

    Watch the full video tutorial for additional tips on speed ramping transitions and creating viral split video effects in Davinci Resolve. By following these settings and tips, your social media videos will look professional and engaging, capturing the attention of your audience.


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    1. What should I do to improve the quality of my social media videos?

    To enhance the quality of your social media videos, ensure your project settings in Davinci Resolve are optimized for platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Adjust resolution, frame rate, and bitrate settings for high-quality exports.

    2. Why is it important to adjust settings for each social media platform?

    Different social media platforms have specific requirements for video uploads, including resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio. By customizing your project settings for each platform, you can ensure your videos display correctly and maintain high quality.

    3. How can I avoid compression and artifacts in my social media videos?

    Balancing the bitrate settings when exporting your videos is crucial to avoid compression artifacts. Choose a bitrate that offers a good balance between file size and quality to prevent loss of detail and banding in your videos.

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