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    The Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy 2023 (New Algorithm Update)

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    The Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy 2023 (New Algorithm Update)

    In the ever-evolving world of TikTok, hashtags have become more crucial than ever before. The latest algorithm update has shifted the focus to categorizing and surfacing older videos on users' "For You" pages, causing newer content to receive fewer views. To adapt to this change, a robust hashtag strategy is essential for maximizing visibility and engagement. Here's a breakdown of an effective hashtag strategy currently being utilized:

    Previously, new videos were widely seen within 72 hours of posting. However, with TikTok now emphasizing older content, hashtags play a significant role in ensuring your videos are categorized correctly and featured on users' feeds. In the new landscape, the following approach is recommended:

    1. Utilize trending hashtags such as #fyp, #forupage, #viral, and #trend to capitalize on the platform's current popular topics.
    2. Incorporate a broad niche-specific hashtag to attract a targeted audience.
    3. Add niche-specific hashtags like #TikTokTips and #TikTokGrowthHacks to reach users interested in your content.
    4. Include 2-3 post-specification hashtags like #TikTokGirlTips and #TikTokAlgorithm to further refine your video's reach.

    By following this strategic approach, content creators can enhance their visibility and engagement on TikTok amidst the algorithm changes.


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    1. Why are hashtags more important on TikTok now?

      • With TikTok's new algorithm emphasizing older videos, hashtags play a vital role in categorizing and surfacing content to users.
    2. How can content creators maximize visibility on TikTok?

      • By using a strategic approach to hashtags, including trending, niche-specific, and post-specification tags, content creators can enhance their reach and engagement.

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