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    The DUMBEST Tiktok Trends OF ALL TIME...

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    The DUMBEST Tiktok Trends OF ALL TIME...

    Today we're taking a look at some of the dumbest TikTok trends that have ever existed. These trends are not dangerous, just incredibly stupid. From pretending to be time travelers to believing in shifting realities and even pretending to be fairies, these trends will have you questioning the sanity of some TikTok creators. Let's dive into the world of ridiculous TikTok trends.

    The first trend involves TikTokers pretending to be time travelers, making outlandish claims about the future, such as alien invasions and discovering massive bunkers. Another trend sees people believing they can shift realities, essentially shifting their entire consciousness to another world. Lastly, some individuals pretend to be fairies, using selfie sticks to create the illusion of flying. These trends showcase the absurdity and creativity of TikTok users, pushing the boundaries of believability in the online space.


    TikTok, trends, time travelers, shifting realities, fairies, ridiculous, creativity, online, absurdity


    1. What are some of the dumbest TikTok trends discussed in the article?
    2. Are these trends dangerous or just plain stupid?
    3. How do TikTokers pretend to be time travelers in some of these trends?
    4. What is the concept of shifting realities and how do people engage with it on TikTok?
    5. Why do these trends showcase the absurdity and creativity of TikTok users?

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