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    The February TikTok Algorithm Update

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    The February TikTok Algorithm Update

    There are significant changes happening on the TikTok platform in February 2024 that can impact your account growth. Kia Kelly delves into short-form video marketing strategies to help you succeed in leveraging the latest TikTok algorithm updates.

    Kia emphasizes the importance of utilizing carousels to tell compelling stories on TikTok. The first slide of a carousel is crucial to hook viewers and entice them to engage with the rest of the content. Moreover, TikTok is rewarding creators who post longer videos, with a focus on videos over 60 seconds. Vertical videos are still popular, but the platform is encouraging the creation of horizontal videos for increased engagement. To stand out and succeed on TikTok this month, strive to create captivating longer videos in horizontal format.

    For those seeking further assistance in enhancing their TikTok presence, Kia offers free training at Additionally, there's a course called "Monetize the Talk" aimed at guiding individuals on strategically selling products and services on TikTok. By visiting, individuals can access this course and learn how to monetize their TikTok content effectively.


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    1. What are the key strategies mentioned by Kia Kelly for success on TikTok in February?
    2. How is TikTok rewarding creators who post longer videos?
    3. Where can individuals access free training and a monetization course for TikTok?
    4. Why is the first slide of a carousel important according to the TikTok algorithm update in February?

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