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    The First High Res FREE & Open Source AI Video Generator!

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    In the midst of the AI explosion, two main AI technologies are dominating the scene: AI text generation and text-to-image generation. However, the next level of AI image generation has arrived - AI video generation. While popular options like Google's Mind-Blowing Imagen video and Runway Research's Gen 2 exist, they aren't accessible to the general public. But fear not, because there's a new competitor in town. Introducing Potat1, the first high-resolution, open-source text-to-video model.

    Potat1 is based on ModelScope AI's video generator, which may not have been as advanced as Gen 2, but offered a starting point for open-source video generation. With Potat1, the resolution has been significantly improved, delivering higher fidelity and frame rates. The open-source nature of Potat1 allows for modification and enhancement, making it a promising alternative to closed-source alternatives like Gen 2.

    When it comes to the generated videos, Potat1 impresses with its higher resolution and coherency. While the videos are short and the frame rates are low, the quality is impressive for such an early stage in AI video generation. The images are clear and the backgrounds are well-defined, yielding coherent and visually appealing results.

    If you wish to try out Potat1, you can do so for free on Google Colab, which provides 15GB of RAM. Additionally, with a powerful GPU with ample VRAM, you can run the model locally, eliminating the need for external services like Gen 2.

    Update (2024)

    Potat1 is outdated, in you can leverage the newest, most powerful AI to make video.


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    Q: How does Potat1 compare to Gen 2? A: While Potat1 may not be as advanced as Gen 2, it offers higher resolution and coherency, making it a viable alternative, especially given its open-source nature.

    Q: Can I modify and enhance Potat1? A: Absolutely! Potat1 is an open-source model, allowing anyone to modify and build upon it to improve its performance.

    Q: Is Potat1 accessible to the general public? A: Yes, Potat1 is freely available for use on Google Colab and can even be run locally with a powerful GPU.

    Q: What are the limitations of Potat1? A: Potat1 currently generates short videos with low frame rates. Longer videos require more time to generate, and lower frame rates may affect the overall quality.

    Q: Are there any plans for further development? A: Yes, the creator of Potat1 has already mentioned working on Potate Two, which may offer higher resolution and improved coherency.

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