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    The Formula For Writing A Great Comedy Script - Steve Kaplan

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    The Formula For Writing A Great Comedy Script - Steve Kaplan

    Actors are often trained in various arts, from movement to fencing to Shakespeare. However, comedy is a genre that is not always explicitly taught. Steve Kaplan discusses how actors may unknowingly restrict themselves when it comes to comedy, as they are often trained to come from the perspective of their character being the hero. Comedy, on the other hand, requires actors to tell the truth about themselves, flaws and all. Kaplan explains that while drama helps us dream about what we could be, comedy helps us live with who we are. He emphasizes the importance of comedy in reflecting the truth about people and highlights the art of hope that comedy embodies, despite the ultimate flaw of human mortality.


    • Comedy
    • Truth
    • Flaws
    • Hope
    • Art
    • Human mortality


    • How does comedy differ from drama in its portrayal of characters?
    • What is the role of truth in comedy according to Steve Kaplan?
    • How does comedy help individuals live with their flaws?
    • Why does Steve Kaplan emphasize the importance of hope in comedy?
    • What are some key elements of writing a successful comedy script according to Kaplan?

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