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    The Level1 Show March 12 2024: TurboTattle

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    The Level1 Show March 12 2024: TurboTattle

    On the March 12, 2024 episode of The Level1 Show, the hosts discussed various topics related to technology, cybersecurity, and current events. Some of the notable discussions focused on the regulatory roadblock faced by AMD in China, the US government's support for open source developers, a potential ban on landlords charging for cable and internet in bulk, and the controversial legislation surrounding TikTok.


    In the first step of rewriting the script into an article, the following is a markdown version of the entire script:

    [Music] Hello everybody, welcome back to The Level1 Show. Today is March 12th, and we're covering government and security topics. This week has been packed with news, and we'll do our best to cover everything. AMD is facing a regulatory roadblock for their tailored chip in China, which was designed specifically for the Chinese market. The US government is offering support to open source developers in the aftermath of the Log4j security incident. Bipartisan legislation in the US could force ByteDance to divest TikTok. The founder of spyware maker Intellia is facing US sanctions for targeting Americans. A new proposal in the US could ban landlords from charging for cable and internet in bulk. AOC's plan to end deep fakes raises concerns over free speech and non-consensual editing. Oregon is leading in the right to repair race with a bill that bans the blocking of aftermarket parts. The EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) has come into effect, and companies like Apple and Google are facing increased scrutiny. Apple's decision to kill Epic Games' developer account faces backlash from the EU. Canada's Supreme Court rules that police need a warrant to access a person's IP address. Sam Altman's vision for a future with AI in China faces roadblocks as the country tightens regulations. Taiwan introduces a smart roadside parking inquiry system to improve parking efficiency. The leak of two-factor authentication (2FA) codes poses a threat to big tech companies' security. A genealogy site helps solve a missing person case after a relative uploads DNA for analysis. The US prescription drug market faces disruptions due to a ransomware attack. LastPass experiences a global outage due to a software update error. Hacked WordPress sites are being used to launch attacks on other sites. A former Google engineer is indicted for stealing AI secrets to aid Chinese companies. The US IRS permits TurboTax to show advertisements on their tax return page. A leaky database exposes two-factor codes for tech giants. Change Healthcare suffers a ransomware attack, impacting the US prescription drug market. The US federal government knew about a Windows zero-day vulnerability for months before patching it. The United States experiences a shortage of insulin and other prescription drugs due to ransomware attacks. The Canadian Supreme Court rules that police need a warrant to access a person's IP address. Holiday rats and pig butchering highlight the dangers of online catfishing. The US Air Force employee is accused of sharing classified information on a foreign dating website.


    Regulatory roadblock, AMD, China, US government, open source developers, Log4j incident, ByteDance, TikTok, Intellia, US sanctions, right to repair, EU DMA, Apple, Google, deep fakes, non-consensual editing, Oregon, IP address, Sam Altman, AI regulations, Taiwan, smart parking system, 2FA codes, genealogy site, missing person case, prescription drug market, LastPass outage, hacked WordPress sites, Chinese AI secrets, TurboTax advertisements, Windows zero-day vulnerability, insulin shortage, catfishing, US Air Force employee.


    • What is the regulatory roadblock faced by AMD in China?
    • How is the US government supporting open source developers in the wake of the Log4j incident?
    • What does the new proposal in the US aim to ban?
    • What controversy surrounds AOC's plan to end deep fakes?
    • What is the right to repair bill in Oregon?
    • What impact does the EU DMA have on big tech companies?
    • How did hackers exploit WordPress sites to attack other sites?
    • How did a leaky database compromise 2FA codes for tech giants?
    • What happened during the ransomware attack on Change Healthcare?
    • How did the Canadian Supreme Court rule on accessing IP addresses?
    • What are holiday rats and pig butchering?
    • What classified information did the US Air Force employee share on a foreign dating website?

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