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    In the ancient days of computers, specifically in 1999, there was a computer virus named Bonzi Buddy that gained immense popularity. This "Electro pal" could be downloaded and interacted with, offering games, jokes, and replies in a distinctive voice. Despite its initial appeal, Bonzi Buddy turned out to be a malicious form of spyware and adware, collecting users' personal data and bombarding them with pop-ups and ads. Disguised as a helpful Microsoft alert, the virus caused chaos for many users before the company behind it faced lawsuits and had to shut down in 2004.


    Bonzi Buddy, computer virus, spyware, adware, pop-ups, Microsoft alert, lawsuits, shutdown


    1. What was Bonzi Buddy? Bonzi Buddy was a computer virus disguised as a friendly interactive program that turned out to be spyware and adware.

    2. How did Bonzi Buddy operate? Bonzi Buddy collected users' personal data and inundated them with pop-ups and ads based on the information it gathered.

    3. Why did the company behind Bonzi Buddy shut down? The company faced multiple lawsuits due to violating privacy laws and had to shut down in 2004, ultimately paying a hefty fine.

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