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    The Most Realistic AI Video Tool Yet!

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    The Most Realistic AI Video Tool Yet!

    AI Film Production had a historic week, with several exciting developments in the world of AI film. The Swedish Film Institute and the National Film School of Denmark hosted an event where artists from around the world discussed artificial intelligence and its impact on film making. Gaussian splatting, a revolutionary technology showcased in a white paper at CRA, has finally been unveiled to the public. This technology allows for photo-realistic scans of any environment, transforming the way filmmakers create virtual production environments and composite subjects into scenes.

    Dolly 3, a new model from Open AI, has been receiving a lot of attention. While it excels in artistic style and art direction, it still has limitations when it comes to creating realistic cinematic imagery. However, combining Dolly 3 with another tool called Mid Journey can produce impressive results. Canva, a popular graphic design platform, introduced a range of new AI features. Magic Grab allows users to easily isolate subjects and move them within a composition, while Magic Expand provides an upsizing feature for images. Canva also announced a text-to-video integration with Runway, enabling direct animation of storyboards.

    Adobe is set to unveil new AI tools, including a magic grab tool and a magic edit feature at the upcoming Adobe Max event. The magic edit feature enables users to select elements of a frame for easy editing, while the magic grab tool helps remove distractions from backgrounds. Leonardo, an AI image generation tool, is gaining attention as it competes with Mid Journey and Dolly. Getty Images will soon release its own AI image generation tool, promising further advancements in the field.

    Moon Valley, an AI video generation tool, is showing promise with its smooth and stable motion capabilities. While still in beta, it has the potential to be a valuable tool for motion design and UI visualizations. Another innovative tool called kits AI has introduced a vocal separator, which can extract vocals from archival footage to facilitate better audio editing for documentaries. The Chat GPT tool now includes web search functionality, opening up possibilities for research and concept creation. A dental company faced backlash after using Tom Hanks' likeness without permission in their advertisement, highlighting the need for proper consent in using someone's image for endorsement.

    In the AI Films of the Week, Big Films showcased expressive movement in a film where a robot replaces a subject, while The New Horizons curated a cinematic sci-fi music video using Mid Journey and Runway Gen 2. Additionally, a creepy and strange video featuring people made out of sushi provided a unique and unsettling viewing experience. In the Student Spotlight, Ktia demonstrated excellent curation skills in her film concept for "Exoskin."


    • Gaussian splatting
    • Virtual production environment
    • Compositing subjects
    • Dolly 3
    • Mid Journey
    • Canva AI features
    • Adobe Max event
    • Moon Valley
    • Kits AI vocal separator
    • Chat GPT web search
    • Tom Hanks likeness controversy
    • Expressive movement in AI films
    • Cinematic sci-fi music video
    • Sushi-made people


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    2. How does Dolly 3 compare to Mid Journey when it comes to creating cinematic imagery?
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    5. How does Moon Valley differentiate itself from other AI video generation tools?
    6. What is the significance of kits AI's vocal separator for documentary filmmakers?
    7. How can Chat GPT's web search functionality aid filmmakers in research and concept creation?
    8. How did a dental company face backlash for using Tom Hanks' likeness without permission?
    9. What were the notable AI films of the week and why were they impressive?
    10. Who stood out in the Student Spotlight and what did they achieve in their film concept?

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