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    The New AI Side Hustle That's Making $1,579+/Day

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    The New AI Side Hustle That's Making $ 1,579+/Day

    Are you looking for a new way to make money online? Well, look no further! There is an underrated AI side hustle where people are earning $ 1,579 per day by posting videos generated with Canva. It's shocking that more people aren't taking advantage of this opportunity. People are earning thousands of dollars in their first week of starting it. Let's dive into the steps of this side hustle and see how you can get started.

    Step 1: Earning Money Fast from TikTok Ads

    To start making money with this side hustle, you'll need to create trivia quiz videos using Canva. First, choose a pre-made video template from Canva, specifically designed for trivia quizzes. Next, head over to Chat GPT and ask it to generate a trivia quiz for you. Once you have your quiz questions, start posting your trivia quiz videos on TikTok. TikTok's new advertising monetization platform, known as the TikTok beta, pays out significant ad rates for longer videos. On average, they pay around 50 cents to a dollar for every 1,000 views. With the right number of views, you can earn over $ 1,000 per day.

    Step 2: Earning Money from Affiliate Commissions

    In addition to TikTok ads, you can also earn money from affiliate commissions. Sign up for an affiliate program like ClickBank, which is available in most countries. ClickBank offers a wide range of high-paying affiliate products in various niches. Promote these products using your TikTok videos and earn commissions for every customer you refer. For example, Rocket Languages offers language learning courses, including English, and affiliates can earn over $ 103 per successful referral. This method allows you to monetize your TikTok videos, making it eligible for most countries around the world.

    Step 3: Generating Trivia Quizzes for Free with Chat GPT

    To create your trivia quizzes, you can use the free version of Chat GPT. Ask Chat GPT to generate quiz questions on a specific topic, such as geography. You can also specify the difficulty level and style of the quiz. Chat GPT will provide you with a set of questions and multiple-choice answers. This AI tool makes it easy to generate engaging and challenging quizzes for your TikTok audience.

    Step 4: Creating Trivia Quiz Videos with Canva

    Once you have your quiz questions, it's time to create your trivia quiz videos using Canva. Canva is an easy-to-use design app that offers millions of visual elements to customize your videos. Choose a pre-made video template from Canva or create your own design. Customize the text, colors, fonts, and other elements to match your brand or niche. You can also add AI voiceovers and sound effects to enhance your videos. Canva allows you to create professional-looking videos without any design experience.

    Now, you have a fully completed video trivia quiz ready to be uploaded to TikTok. Download the video from Canva and start getting views and traffic on TikTok. With TikTok ads and affiliate commissions, you can earn a substantial income from your videos.


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    Q1: How much can I expect to earn with this AI side hustle?

    A1: The potential earnings vary but people have reported earning $ 1,579 or more per day from TikTok ads and affiliate commissions.

    Q2: Do I need any design skills to create the trivia quiz videos?

    A2: No, Canva is an easy-to-use design app that doesn't require any design experience. You can use pre-made templates and customize them to fit your brand or niche.

    Q3: How can I monetize my TikTok videos in countries where TikTok ads are not available?

    A3: You can still earn money from affiliate commissions by promoting products through your TikTok videos. Platforms like ClickBank offer a wide range of affiliate products with high commissions for successful referrals.

    Q4: Is the Chat GPT tool free to use?

    A4: Yes, Chat GPT offers a free version that works great for generating trivia quiz questions. However, there is also a paid version available with additional features.

    Q5: Can I use the AI voiceover from Autopilot's Voiceover app for free?

    A5: The AI voiceover app offers 400 free characters of script when you first install it. After that, you'll need to pay for additional characters if you want to continue using the voiceover. Alternatively, you can explore other AI voiceover options like MC Monster, which allows free voice clips up to 300 characters.

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