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    The ONLY Way to Steal Color Grading That Works 100%!!! - Photoshop Tutorial

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    The ONLY Way to Steal Color Grading That Works 100%!!! - Photoshop Tutorial

    In this Photoshop tutorial, we will discuss a common sense approach to matching and stealing color grading from one image to another. While there isn't a secret technique that works perfectly for every image, we can use our logic and common sense to achieve the desired results.

    To begin, we will need two images - one that we want to calibrate and another that will serve as a reference for color matching. We'll start by creating a copy of the image and pasting it alongside the original. This allows us to compare and make adjustments accordingly.

    The first step is to address any issues with brightness and contrast. By creating a luminosity checklist, we can remove the distracting colors and focus on the overall composition and lighting. We'll use curves adjustment layers to match the highlights and shadows of the subject and background separately. This will help create a more uniform look.

    After balancing the brightness and contrast, we can move on to matching the colors. Instead of using complicated techniques like curves adjustment layers, we'll use a simple and effective approach – gradient maps.

    A gradient map adjustment layer allows us to create a color map by selecting colors for highlights and shadows. By sampling colors from the reference image, we can apply them to the calibrated image. The gradient map adjustment layer should be set to the "Color" blend mode and the opacity can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

    Additionally, we can further enhance the color grading by using additional adjustment layers like Color Lookup and Crisp Warm. These can add warmth and punch to the image and can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

    It's important to note that every image is different, and adjustments may be necessary depending on specific elements such as skin tones, background colors, and objects within the image. This process requires us to analyze the image as a whole and use our creative judgment to achieve the desired result.

    By following this logical and common sense approach, we can effectively match and steal color grading from one image to another in Photoshop.


    Photoshop tutorial, color grading, color matching, image calibration, luminosity checklist, curves adjustment layers, brightness, contrast, gradient maps, color lookup, crisp warm, creative judgment


    1. What is the key to successfully matching color grading in Photoshop? The key is to use a logical and common sense approach, analyzing the overall composition, lighting, and color tones of the image, and making adjustments accordingly.

    2. Are there any secret techniques for stealing color grading that work for every image? No, there isn't a one-size-fits-all technique. Each image is unique, and it requires individual analysis and adjustment to achieve the desired results.

    3. Can I use gradient maps to match colors in Photoshop? Yes, gradient maps are a powerful tool for matching colors in an image. By creating a color map and selecting appropriate colors for highlights and shadows, you can effectively steal color grading.

    4. What additional adjustment layers can enhance color grading in Photoshop? Color Lookup and Crisp Warm adjustment layers can add warmth and punch to the image. By adjusting their settings, you can further enhance the color grading effect.

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