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    The Open Source KING is BACK. Stability's NEW AI Image Generator!

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    The Open Source KING is BACK: Stability's NEW AI Image Generator!

    Have you heard the exciting news? Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion, has released a brand new AI image generation model called Stable Cascade. This model is a game-changer in the world of AI image generation, and it comes with some impressive features and results. Best of all, Stability AI has made it open source, further democratizing access to this powerful AI technology.

    Introducing Stable Cascade

    Stable Cascade is a different kind of AI image generation model compared to its predecessors, Stable Diffusion and Stable Diffusion XL. It utilizes a different architecture called Worin, which allows for a smaller latent space. This means faster inference times and cheaper training costs while still maintaining realistic and detailed images. Stable Cascade achieves a compression factor of 42, enabling it to encode a 1024x1024 image into just 24x24 while maintaining crisp reconstructions.

    One of the highlights of Stable Cascade is its realistic text generation. The model properly displays and spells text in the generated images, improving upon the previous models. It also supports fine-tuning and other known extensions, allowing users to customize and enhance the model's capabilities.

    The Power of Open Source

    Stable Cascade is released as open source software, which is a significant advantage for the AI community. Stability AI provides the codebase on GitHub, including training and inference scripts, as well as various pre-trained models. This open source approach promotes collaboration, innovation, and gives users the freedom to explore and build upon the model.

    Benchmarking and Performance

    Stability AI has conducted benchmarking tests to compare Stable Cascade with other popular AI image generation models. The results are highly impressive, with Stable Cascade outperforming Stable Diffusion XL and even competing with models like DALL·E and MidJourney. While aesthetics may be subjective, statistically, Stable Cascade delivers better results in terms of prompt alignment and overall image quality.

    Moreover, Stable Cascade offers larger models while maintaining faster inference times. Even the largest Stable Cascade model with 1.4 billion parameters performs faster than models like Stable Diffusion Turbo. This efficiency makes AI technology more accessible and cost-effective.

    Trying Out Stable Cascade

    If you're eager to experience the power of Stable Cascade, you're in luck. Stability AI has provided unofficial hugging face demos where users can interact with the model. You can try various prompts and see the impressive results in real-time. Additionally, you can find Stable Cascade in the Hugging Face Library, where you can experiment with different generation techniques, such as image variation, image-to-image conversion, and more.


    • Stability AI
    • Stable Cascade
    • AI image generation
    • Open source
    • Worin architecture
    • Compression factor
    • Latent space
    • Prompt alignment
    • Aesthetic quality
    • Fine-tuning


    Q: Is Stable Cascade better than DALL·E or MidJourney? Stable Cascade competes with these models in terms of quality, while also having the advantages of being open source and free to use.

    Q: Can I run Stable Cascade locally? Yes, Stability AI provides a Pinocchio app with a one-click launcher to run Stable Cascade locally on your machine.

    Q: Is Stable Cascade commercially available? As of now, Stable Cascade is released under a non-commercial license. However, Stability AI has stated that they will refine and adjust the license in the future to make it commercially accessible.

    Q: How does Stable Cascade compare to other Stable Diffusion models? Stable Cascade outperforms previous Stable Diffusion models, such as Stable Diffusion XL and Stable Diffusion Turbo, in terms of image quality and generation speed.

    Q: Can I train Stable Cascade on my own images? Yes, Stability AI provides resources for training the model on your own images, allowing for customization and fine-tuning.

    Q: Can Stable Cascade generate images with specific themes or styles? Yes, Stable Cascade supports various techniques like image variation, image-to-image conversion, fine-tuning, and more, allowing for customization and the generation of images with specific themes or styles.

    This release of Stable Cascade marks a significant milestone in the AI image generation landscape. Stability AI's commitment to open source and innovation has once again revolutionized the industry. With Stable Cascade, users have access to a powerful AI model that rivals some of the best models available, all while being freely accessible and customizable. The possibilities for creative applications and advancements are endless, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this open source AI image generator.

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