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    The TikTok Algorithm Explained #contentcreator #tiktokgrowth #tiktokgrowthtips

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    The TikTok Algorithm Explained #contentcreator #tiktokgrowth #tiktokgrowthtips

    When you first post a video on TikTok, it undergoes a specific process driven by the platform's algorithm. Initially, the video is pushed to your followers, a segment of your look-alike audience, and a segment of your keyword audiences. The video's performance is evaluated based on metrics such as likes, comments, shares, replays, and watch-through rate. If the video performs well in this initial phase, it will be pushed to a wider audience in subsequent phases. TikTok categorizes these phases based on view counts: 0 to 700 views fall into phase one, 700 to 7K views into phase two, and so on. Throughout each phase, the video is repeatedly reviewed by TikTok to determine its potential to go viral.


    TikTok algorithm, video posting process, audience segmentation, performance metrics, view count phases, viral content.


    1. How does TikTok initially distribute newly posted videos?
    • TikTok initially pushes new videos to the uploader's followers, a segment of look-alike audience, and a segment of keyword audiences.
    1. What metrics determine a video's performance on TikTok?
    • Metrics such as likes, comments, shares, replays, and watch-through rate are used to evaluate a video's performance.
    1. How does TikTok categorize videos during the initial stages of distribution?
    • TikTok categorizes videos into phases based on view counts, starting from zero to 700 views in phase one, and progressing to wider audience reach in subsequent phases.

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