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    The TikTok Trend That Got 50 High Schoolers Suspended

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    The TikTok Trend That Got 50 High Schoolers Suspended

    A recent TikTok trend called the "Who Wants Smoke Challenge" has caused a stir among high school students, leading to the suspension of over 50 individuals. The challenge involved participants filming their friends pointing their cell phones at the camera in a gun-like manner using a slow-motion effect. This action was perceived as a potential threat by school administrators, resulting in the suspensions of several students. The trend gained popularity with videos set to the track "Who Wants Smoke" by Nardo Wick, where participants simulated drawing their phones like handguns. In one incident, around 50 students from a Chicago high school were suspended for tricking staff members into participating in the trend under the guise of a school pride video shoot. The suspended students faced five-day out-of-school suspensions, sparking debates on whether their actions warranted such consequences.


    TikTok trend, Who Wants Smoke Challenge, high school students, suspension, potential threat, school administrators, Nardo Wick, Chicago high school, out-of-school suspensions, consequences.


    1. What is the "Who Wants Smoke Challenge" on TikTok? The "Who Wants Smoke Challenge" on TikTok involves participants filming themselves or their friends mimicking holding a gun with their cell phones and pointing them towards the camera in a slow-motion effect.
    2. How many students were suspended due to the TikTok trend? Over 50 high school students were suspended as a result of participating in the "Who Wants Smoke Challenge" on TikTok.
    3. Why were the students suspended for taking part in the trend? School administrators perceived the actions depicted in the trend as a potential threat, leading to the suspension of the students involved.
    4. What consequences did the students face for participating in the challenge? The suspended students received five-day out-of-school suspensions for their participation in the TikTok trend.

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