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    The Trick I Used to Make Combat Fun! | Devlog

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    The Trick I Used to Make Combat Fun! | Devlog

    In this article, we delve into the game development process of creating an open-world RPG with engaging combat mechanics. The developer shares insights into handling enemy movement, implementing AI behavior, and improving immersion in the game world. From initial struggles with basic steering behaviors to creating a sophisticated system that enhances enemy AI movements, the journey of game development unfolds with exciting discoveries and innovations.


    AI movement, steering behaviors, combat system, enemy behavior, immersion, faction system, NPC targeting, pet taming, game development, open-world RPG


    1. What were some initial challenges faced in handling enemy movement in the game? The developer encountered issues with basic steering behaviors, such as opposing vectors canceling out movements and leading to unconvincing AI reactions to obstacles.

    2. How did the developer enhance combat AI to make it more engaging for players? By implementing a context-based steering behavior that evaluated different direction options based on desirability weights, enemies were able to exhibit more dynamic movements, such as strafing around targets and maintaining safe distances during combat.

    3. What improvements were made to enemy wandering logic to enhance immersion in the game world? The developer refined the wandering behavior of enemies by using Open Simplex noise to smoothly adjust their movement direction, creating a more natural wandering pattern near their spawn points and keeping them from straying too far.

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