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    The Veo camera solution | The AI camera

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    The Veo camera solution | The AI camera

    The Vo is an affordable and user-friendly solution that allows teams to record football matches without the need for a cameraman. The 180-degree camera captures the entire pitch, while powerful AI technology automatically detects the ball, creating fully edited videos that can be analyzed on the Vo platform. This innovation eliminates the obstacles of finding a cameraman and video editing, making match recording accessible to teams of all levels.

    "We've used it all the way from gym to 23s all the way down to the under nines," says a satisfied user. Coaches emphasize the benefits of visual learning through self-analysis, where players can see themselves in action to improve their performance tactically. The Vo camera provides a comprehensive view of the pitch, allowing coaches to pan and zoom as needed, focusing on individual players while maintaining a tactical overview of the team.

    By offering features such as creating player profiles, tagging players with coaches' comments, and downloading full or individual highlights, the Vo platform enhances the overall experience for players and teams. With Vo, clubs can organize videos by individual teams, improving video analysis and player development. The simplicity of connecting the camera to the internet for automatic uploads streamlines the entire recording process, offering a seamless solution for teams to capture and analyze matches effectively.


    The article discusses the benefits of the Vo camera solution, which includes affordable recording, AI technology detection, full pitch coverage, player analysis, and internet upload functionality.


    1. How does the Vo camera solution eliminate the need for a cameraman?
    2. What are the benefits of using AI technology in the Vo camera for football match recording?
    3. How can coaches utilize the Vo platform to improve player development and tactical analysis?
    4. What features does the Vo platform offer for video organization and player profiling?

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