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    They Are Going Viral For THIS... - John MacArthur

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    They Are Going Viral For THIS... - John MacArthur

    In a recent video, John MacArthur discusses the importance of telling the truth in a world that is filled with lies. He highlights how the truth can be dangerous to the system of lies and explains why Christianity is often persecuted for proclaiming the truth. MacArthur draws parallels between the need for individuals, including Christians, to speak the truth, and Elon Musk's commitment to honesty. He also emphasizes that Christians must not compromise the truth or shave off its edges to be liked by society. MacArthur believes that telling the truth, even if it leads to personal loss, is a crucial aspect of being a Christian.

    Keyword: Telling the Truth, Christianity, Lies, Persecution, Elon Musk


    1. Why is telling the truth important for Christians?

      • Telling the truth is a fundamental aspect of being a Christian. It aligns with the teachings of Christ and allows believers to expose lies and share God's truth about salvation and righteousness.
    2. How does the system of lies react to the truth?

      • The system that thrives on lies is threatened by the truth. This is evident in how society often reacts to individuals, like whistleblowers, who dare to speak the truth. The fear of the truth being exposed can lead to persecution and opposition.
    3. How can Christians stay true to the truth despite potential consequences?

      • Christians should emulate the commitment to truth exemplified by Elon Musk. Just as he prioritizes telling the truth, Christians must also stand firm on the truth of God's Word, regardless of the potential loss of popularity, relationships, or livelihood.
    4. What is the ultimate truth for Christians?

      • The ultimate truth for Christians is found in Christ Jesus. He is described as the way, the truth, and the life. Christians believe that following Christ and His teachings is the path to eternal life and true freedom.
    5. Can Christians compromise the truth to be liked by society?

      • MacArthur warns against compromising the truth to gain societal acceptance. Christians must stand on the truth of God's Word and not water it down to fit societal expectations. True followers of Christ are called to proclaim the truth and save sinners from the lies and deceptions of the world.
    6. How can telling the truth liberate individuals?

      • Telling the truth can liberate individuals from the bondage of lies. It allows them to live authentically and helps expose falsehoods. Telling the truth also has the potential to free others, offering them salvation and hope in Christ Jesus.

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