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    This 2023 TikTok Ads Strategy Breaks All the Rules - But Works 10x BETTER

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    This 2023 TikTok Ads Strategy Breaks All the Rules - But Works 10x BETTER

    In this video, you'll discover a groundbreaking TikTok Ads strategy that defies conventional wisdom and delivers outstanding results. Matt Johnston, an expert in TikTok ads, shares his five-part formula that has generated over 10 billion video views and millions of dollars in sales. By breaking a common rule spread by gurus, he has achieved remarkable success with TikTok ads. Let's dive into the details and learn how to replicate his results.

    The Power of TikTok Ads

    Before we delve into the strategy, you might be wondering why choose TikTok ads over other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube? Matt Johnston highlights a few reasons. Firstly, while Facebook ads still work, they are becoming more challenging and expensive due to factors like iOS 14 and decreasing user engagement. Similarly, Google and YouTube ads are also becoming more expensive. TikTok, on the other hand, provides a more cost-effective and effective advertising opportunity. As the platform continues to grow, getting in early allows you to capitalize on its potential. Additionally, the misconception that TikTok is solely for teenagers is no longer valid. More and more users of all demographics, including those over 30 years old, are actively engaging with TikTok.

    The Secret to Success: Pattern Interrupt

    To achieve exceptional results with TikTok ads, it's crucial to understand the concept of pattern interrupt. This involves breaking the repetitive patterns of scrolling to grab users' attention and make them engage with your ad. While many believe that ads should blend in with the platform's native content, Matt Johnston promotes a different approach – elevate the quality of your ads to stand out. Instead of creating standard organic TikToks, invest in better camera equipment, create visually appealing content with depth of field and lighting techniques, and make your ad look more professional. Striking the right balance between native content and high-quality visuals will make your ad stand out from the sea of standard TikToks.

    The Five-Part TikTok Ads Formula

    Now, let's explore the five-part formula that Matt Johnston has developed for creating compelling TikTok ads:

    1. Tease a Secret

    Start your ad by teasing a secret related to your product or service. This captures viewers' curiosity and compels them to keep watching. For example, if you're promoting a time-efficient workout routine, you could say, "Did you know there's a secret way to get fit in just 15 minutes?"

    2. Tell a Story

    Build an emotional connection by sharing a relatable story that resonates with your target audience's pain points. Illustrate the challenges they face and empathize with their struggles. This storytelling approach humanizes your brand and makes your ad more engaging. For instance, if you're advertising a cooking course, you could share a personal story of struggling to make an impressive meal before mastering culinary techniques.

    3. Turning Point

    Introduce the turning point that changed your life or helped you overcome the problems mentioned in the previous step. Highlight the unique mechanism or approach you offer to solve those pain points. Show viewers that there's a better way to achieve the results they desire.

    4. Teach

    Provide quick, actionable tips or steps that demonstrate your expertise and give viewers a taste of what they can accomplish by following your guidance. Break down complex processes into simple, easy-to-understand instructions. People on TikTok are used to consuming content in listicle or tutorial formats, so cater to their expectations. For example, if you're promoting a language learning app, share three effective techniques for mastering a new language.

    5. Transition with Call-to-Action

    End your ad with a clear and compelling call-to-action. Encourage viewers to take the next step, such as clicking the link for more information, signing up for a free trial, or making a purchase. Make sure your transition is seamless and prompts immediate action.

    Targeting on TikTok

    Choosing the right audience for your TikTok ads is crucial for their success. As TikTok evolves, it has become a powerful search engine for Gen Z and beyond. Users are actively searching for content and solutions, which opens new possibilities for intent-based advertising. Unlike Facebook, where targeting options are limited to interruption marketing, TikTok allows you to tap into the search behavior of users. Utilize this feature to target individuals actively seeking solutions related to your product or service. Matt advises being specific with your targeting and utilizing demographics and geographical areas effectively.


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    1. Can shorter ads be effective on TikTok? Although it's commonly believed that shorter ads perform better on TikTok, Matt Johnston's experience contradicts this notion. He has found that longer ads tend to generate better results. Aim to convey your message effectively, even if it requires a longer ad duration.

    2. Do I need to shoot my TikTok ads in a specific way? While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Matt recommends using high-quality visuals that stand out amidst the TikTok feed. Utilize good cameras, cinematic effects like depth of field and lighting, and ensure your ad doesn't resemble typical native TikToks.

    3. How should I approach targeting on TikTok? Matt suggests being precise with your targeting. Leverage the platform's search capabilities and intent-based advertising opportunities. Define your target audience based on demographic information, geographical location, and other relevant parameters to reach the right people.

    4. Can older demographics be effectively targeted on TikTok? Absolutely! Contrary to popular belief, TikTok has a significant user base that spans various age groups. Many users in their 40s and above actively engage with the platform. Don't dismiss TikTok as a platform solely for teenagers; embrace its wide audience reach.

    5. Why is TikTok an attractive platform for advertising? TikTok offers a unique advertising opportunity due to its cost-effectiveness and effectiveness in reaching a broad audience. With other platforms becoming more competitive and expensive, getting in early on TikTok allows you to capitalize on its growing popularity and potential advertising impact.

    By implementing this groundbreaking TikTok ads strategy and breaking the common rules, you can unlock the full potential of the platform and achieve outstanding results. Stay ahead of the competition and leverage TikTok's unique features to drive engagement, sales, and growth for your business.

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