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    This AI Chrome Extension Is Amazing!

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    This AI Chrome Extension Is Amazing!

    In a recent video, the creator compares the perplexity Chrome Extension with Bing Chat and Chat GPT, highlighting the capabilities and features of perplexity. This recently released Chrome plugin aims to enhance the browsing experience by providing various AI-powered functionalities. Let's dive into what perplexity can do and explore its potential benefits.

    To utilize the perplexity Chrome Extension, visit, navigate to the top right corner of the page, and click on "Chrome extension." This will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store, where you can proceed to install the extension. Once installed, a perplexity box will appear in the corner of your browser.

    The video demonstrates several use cases of perplexity to showcase its capabilities:

    1. Searching a Specific Domain

    One of the features of perplexity is the ability to search within a specific domain. The video shows an example of searching for "SEO tools." Perplexity quickly gathers information and presents a variety of SEO tools available on the Future Tools website. It provides links to specific pages related to the search, enriching the browsing experience by efficiently retrieving relevant information.

    2. Answering Questions

    Perplexity can also answer specific queries within a domain. The video demonstrates asking about a tool to convert long videos into TikTok videos. Perplexity suggests as a tool that uses AI to generate short clips from YouTube videos for use on TikTok and Instagram. It offers a brief description and provides a source link for further exploration.

    3. Summarizing Articles

    With perplexity, users can request article summaries. The video showcases this functionality by summarizing an article on about AI in business process automation. Perplexity extracts the main points of the article and generates a concise overview, enabling users to quickly grasp the key insights without reading the entire text.

    4. Summarizing YouTube Videos

    The video explores whether perplexity can summarize YouTube videos. However, it notes that perplexity currently recommends a third-party tool called for summarizing long YouTube videos, lectures, live events, or government meetings. Perplexity does not directly provide summaries for YouTube content at this time.

    5. Extracting Information from Reddit

    Perplexity can extract information and opinions from platforms like Reddit. The video demonstrates searching Reddit for gamers' opinions on "Hogwarts Legacy." Perplexity compiles various Reddit sources, providing an overall positive sentiment toward the game, highlighting its unique world, exploration, and well-implemented mechanics. It also mentions areas of improvement like repetitive combat and slow menus.

    6. Analyzing Amazon Product Reviews

    Perplexity offers the ability to analyze and summarize Amazon product reviews. The video showcases this feature by searching for the pros and cons of the "Insta360 X3" camera. Perplexity generates a list of pros and cons for the camera, facilitating quick decision-making for potential buyers.

    Overall, perplexity proves to be a versatile and powerful Chrome extension. Its AI-backed functionalities encompass searching domains, answering queries, summarizing articles, analyzing Reddit, and extracting insights from Amazon product reviews. This extension enhances browsing experiences by providing relevant information and aiding decision-making processes.


    • Perplexity Chrome extension
    • AI-powered functionalities
    • Browsing enhancement
    • Specific domain search
    • Answering questions
    • Article summarization
    • YouTube video summarization
    • Extracting information from Reddit
    • Analyzing Amazon product reviews


    1. How do I install perplexity Chrome extension?
      • Visit, click on "Chrome extension," and install it from the Chrome Web Store.
    2. Can perplexity search within a specific domain?
      • Yes, it can search specific domains to provide relevant information.
    3. Does perplexity summarize articles?
      • Yes, it can summarize articles, providing concise overviews of their key points.
    4. Can perplexity generate summaries for YouTube videos?
      • Perplexity currently recommends a third-party tool called for summarizing YouTube videos.
    5. What platforms can perplexity extract information from?
      • Perplexity can analyze platforms like Reddit and extract relevant information.
    6. Does perplexity analyze and summarize Amazon product reviews?
      • Yes, perplexity can analyze Amazon product reviews and provide summaries, including pros and cons.
    7. How can perplexity enhance the browsing experience?
      • Perplexity enhances the browsing experience by quickly retrieving information, answering queries, and summarizing content from various sources.
    8. Can perplexity be used for other purposes?
      • While the video primarily focuses on the features showcased, perplexity can potentially be utilized for a wide range of browsing needs.

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