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    This AI Music generator is powerful and scary

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    This AI Music generator is powerful and scary

    Have you ever imagined a world where artificial intelligence could potentially revolutionize the music industry? The possibilities seem endless with the introduction of AI music generators like Sound Raw. This tool allows users to create music by simply selecting a mood, genre, tempo, and instruments, ultimately resulting in AI-generated music that can be customized and fine-tuned. The implications of such technology are vast, potentially changing the way music is produced and consumed in the future.

    In a demo video showcasing the capabilities of Sound Raw, viewers are taken through the process of creating AI-generated music. From selecting the mood of "epic" to choosing instruments and tempo, the user is presented with a fully realized piece of music generated by AI. The video highlights the potential for this technology to serve as a valuable resource for producers, offering a starting point for creativity and inspiration. However, the video also raises concerns about the impact of AI technology on the music industry, posing the question of whether AI could one day replace human creators altogether.

    Voiceover: now imagine this in 10 years time this could be a great starting point for producers like me or you or this AI technology might just wipe out all of us let me know in the comments what you guys think


    AI music generator, Sound Raw, music industry, revolutionize, artificial intelligence, producers, creativity, future, technology, concerns


    1. What is Sound Raw and how does it work?
    2. What are the potential implications of AI music generators like Sound Raw on the music industry?
    3. How does the demo video highlight both the benefits and concerns surrounding AI-generated music?
    4. In what ways could AI technology impact the role of human creators in the music industry?
    5. What are the opinions and reactions elicited by the demonstration of AI-generated music in the video?

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