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    This AI TEXT-to-VIDEO generator is INSANE: Invideo AI Tutorial 2023

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    This AI TEXT-to-VIDEO generator is INSANE: Invideo AI Tutorial 2023

    In this video tutorial, I am going to introduce you to an incredible AI tool called Invideo AI. This tool enables you to transform a text prompt into a fully-fledged video with ease. It's not only highly advanced but also extremely user-friendly. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned video creator, you're bound to find this tool useful. Plus, you can try it out for free or opt for the affordable monthly plan starting at just $ 20.

    To get started, you simply need to visit the Invideo AI platform. Once there, click on "Create AI video" and enter your desired text prompt. You have the option to start from scratch or even paste a blog post as a source, from which the tool can extract information for your video. After entering your prompt, click on "Generate video," and the platform will begin creating your video.

    Here are a few recommendations for writing effective prompts:

    1. Specify the platform for which you're creating the video (e.g., YouTube, YouTube Shorts).
    2. Describe in detail the topic of your video.
    3. Determine the desired duration of the video.
    4. Decide on the style and tone you want for the video.
    5. Specify the tonality of the voiceover.
    6. Include any additional links or information you want to be incorporated into the video.

    Once you generate the video, Invideo AI swiftly provides you with a title that captures the essence of your prompt. You can also choose your target audience, customize the look and feel of the video, and select the platform. The AI will then proceed to generate the video based on your inputs.

    In just under a minute, Invideo AI can generate a high-quality video based on your prompt. This video includes voiceovers, visuals, and editing that align with your specified style and tone. The AI's ability to select cinematic B-roll footage and match it with the voiceover is truly impressive. However, if you wish to make any changes, the platform offers several editing options.

    You can prompt the tool to make specific modifications, such as changing the music to a more upbeat track. The AI will then update the video accordingly. Additionally, you can edit the video directly by replacing or modifying specific scenes. The platform provides access to a vast library of stock videos, allowing you to customize your visuals further. Moreover, you can also edit the script and voiceover, making any necessary adjustments or even rewriting entire sentences.

    Suppose you want to enhance the video with subtitles. In that case, you can prompt Invideo AI to add subtitles throughout the entire video, resulting in a more accessible viewing experience. Essentially, you can use the tool to make a wide range of changes and adjustments. In most cases, Invideo AI provides impressive results right from the start. However, adding those human touches can take your content to the next level, making it engaging and more likely to attract views on social media.

    Once you are satisfied with your video, you can choose your desired settings and download it for immediate use. Opting for the paid plan ensures access to a wide range of stock video, audio files, and music, all without watermarks. This is particularly beneficial for YouTube creators, video editors, or anyone looking to produce high-quality content for their online presence.

    The 24/7 support chat provided by Invideo AI is another valuable feature. If you encounter any difficulties or need guidance, you can reach out to their support team and receive assistance within minutes. Additionally, you can visit Invideo's YouTube channel for more tips and tricks on how to maximize the platform's potential.

    In conclusion, Invideo AI is revolutionizing the creation of AI-generated videos. This tool simplifies the process for both beginners and experienced video creators. As AI technology advances and more users embrace Invideo AI, we can expect even more incredible features and improvements over time. Join the AI video revolution now and harness the power of Invideo AI to achieve your video creation goals.


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    Q: Can I try Invideo AI for free?
    A: Yes, Invideo AI offers a free trial that allows you to test out the platform and its features.

    Q: How much does Invideo AI's paid plan cost?
    A: The paid plan starts from around $ 20 per month, making it highly affordable for serious users.

    Q: Can I customize the look and feel of the videos generated by Invideo AI?
    A: Yes, you can customize the visuals, style, and tone of the videos to align with your preferences.

    Q: Are there any limitations to the types of videos I can create with Invideo AI?
    A: Invideo AI is highly versatile and can be used to create various types of videos, including those for YouTube, YouTube Shorts, or other platforms.

    Q: Does Invideo AI provide customer support?
    A: Yes, Invideo AI offers a 24/7 support chat where you can get assistance whenever you need it.

    Q: Can I edit the generated videos further after they are created?
    A: Absolutely! Invideo AI allows you to make a wide range of edits and adjustments to the videos, giving you full control over the final product.

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