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    This AI TEXT-to-VIDEO generator is WILD: invideo AI tutorial

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    This AI TEXT-to-VIDEO generator is WILD: invideo AI tutorial

    Are you looking for a tool that can turn simple prompts into publish-ready videos in minutes? Look no further than this AI video generator, which can transform your ideas into high-quality videos with ease. In today's tutorial, we will guide you through the process of using this tool to create compelling videos quickly and efficiently.

    Start by signing up for a free account on, and you'll be directed to the AI tool. Then, prompt the AI to create a YouTube short on a specific topic, such as healthy morning habits. Provide detailed instructions on the duration, tone, voiceover preferences, and any links to relevant articles for the AI to reference.

    The AI will generate a draft of the video based on your prompt, incorporating engaging scriptwriting, voiceovers, stock footage, and subtitles. You can make minor adjustments to the script or media if needed, or instruct the AI to add or delete scenes, rewrite parts of the script, or change the music to suit your preferences.

    After fine-tuning the video to your liking, download it and publish it wherever you choose. While watermarks are present in the free version, you can create and download up to four videos a week without any cost. And if you encounter any issues, the 24/7 support team is available to assist you promptly.

    Turning your ideas into captivating videos has never been easier with the help of invideo AI. Give it a try today and see the magic unfold!


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    1. Can I create videos for free using this AI video generator? Yes, you can create up to four videos a week for free with a registered account on While watermarks may be present, you have access to a wide range of features and capabilities at no cost.

    2. How detailed should my prompt be when using the AI video generator? Providing a detailed prompt with specific instructions on the video's duration, tone, voiceover preferences, and any links to relevant articles will help the AI generate more accurate results. The more information you provide, the better the outcome of your video.

    One more thing

    In addition to the incredible tools mentioned above, for those looking to elevate their video creation process even further, stands out as a revolutionary online AI video editor. provides two powerful tools to help you make ads video in one click.

    Materials to Video: you can upload your raw footage or pictures, will edit video based on media you uploaded for you.

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