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    This Ai Tool edited my video in just 4 minutes

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    This Ai Tool edited my video in just 4 minutes

    Hey, why is that video sitting idle, it is ready to be edited, it is done very quickly, that music video project is big, they rate it, after finishing it, that too is done brother, that too is done, oh tell me right brother, at least in this It's taking at least four days, how did that happen, it's done, man, that too, reduce your blog, what are you blogging about, I will do all this in 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, show [music] This is done, it's like What you are seeing on your screen is absolutely correct, it is absolutely true, there is a website where you can upload videos automatically. Now whether it is automatically upload from phones, upload from your PC, upload from your laptop, this website is yours. The entire video will be edited and given, everything from the video in the court to the music of Jumanji, mount captions, now that so many people are talking about it, do they really even reduce the website? Let's see, the camera is placed here. But we will shoot, there are lights on both sides, now we will shoot what we will give to our eye for editing, I will come up with a matter to shoot for one to two minutes and then we will give only that crying part to him, the rest will be cut. He will do everything himself, then let's see what happens, will he be able to take my job or will he be able to take the job, so we are starting now 321 Indian Culture Marriage plays a very important role in Indian culture, so we have also recorded it. And after doing everything, we go directly to our website Vice Cut Dot Video. Here they say that it will do everything for you in the video, it will cut, zoom out, write captions, add music, add transitions. It's about to eat away at my job and I can't let that happen By the way, I am moving forward Let's see this Time with auto cut silencer Will remove the silence We'll see what this also does Engage your audience with out of subtitles and translation Titles will also be done in smart background music that actually fits your video. Oh, it means that this music will also be played according to your video. Automatic audio talking is audio talking. When you are speaking, the music is reduced but when you are not, While speaking, the music increases again, here they have also given some examples, so let's try it, here first of all I have created an account, I have to try it, so you will have to try, now first of all we have this screen. Here we go, this is create new project, here we upload our video which we shot and upload, here you can upload a file up to 1 GB and the duration of the video should be 30 minutes. Shortly after that, your free plan will end and as I said, you can run this PC phone from anywhere, this is the website, let's see if I am going to be locked or not, right now there is only a video file here. So you can also upload multiple, drag and re-order, like if you upload multiple files here, then you can re-order them, forward and backward anywhere, this will help you understand how to manage the video. Once the video is uploaded, Next, we give the name of the project like Video Test, here we have to enter the language in which the video is recorded, then here we give the name Hindi, now here it is showing the features, what all it can do, it will put a skirt on your video. Then here I will remove the silence and add music, then it will auto-blow in our video and note that there is background noise cancellation in your video. Actually there is no background noise in my video otherwise I would not turn it on and here this is the caption in your video. Will add this enable this background noise I leave it because it is not needed because this is a project and sweat about it Will notify you by email Here I am shooting this video It's 342 in the night and Let's see when their mail will come, it may not come in the morning, I was just talking about the morning, there are still 342 and when I came to their second type, I saw that my video is 63% done, that means not even a minute has passed. Till one minute, now let's see on the grade, what is the option here, okay, here it is available in 30 minutes per month, then here in the starter pack, it is available in 8 hours and in the professional pack, it is available in 30 hours. And so on, I am editing my video. So I play the game and what happened to the video, this looking cute is not 28, there are 16 seconds of awkward silence removed, punch jump cut, 60 lines of subtitles, created music has been added, audio coin has been added and zoomin' zoom out. Friends, let's watch the video to see how it is done. Play here, so now we are starting 321 Indian Culture. Body plays a very important role in Indian culture. You might be thinking that this is just a way to connect two people. There is a tradition but no, here I had to ask my heart and repeat it again so that I can get confused whether it removes it or not but no and here there are no captions also, man it had said that it will give the music with captions also, I have set the zoom correctly. Zoom out is also fine, the cut is not done well because the gaps are visible where I was reading the script. Here you can also edit it and see, here it is showing that this scene, this scene and this scene. It has been removed here and from here they have started editing. Three Tu Van subtitles can also be edited here, which is not written here but I am not able to see it in my video as if they are starting. These three are the ones where Indian culture plays a very important role. If you write in both English and Hindi, you can change the music here if you want. As I was talking about a serious topic here, this has given it the appropriate meaning. I haven't put music on it but still it's okay, this one can play music, so let's put it on and see, there are subtitles here, maybe we have changed the music, let's change it further and see and here it is rendering it. We had changed the music here, now he has done that also and it probably took around 6 minutes to change the music. I still haven't written the correct Indian butt captions, so let's export it once and see it here. It is showing that to export in Full HD 1080p, we will have to upgrade and for now we can export it in 720p for free, so let's do the same in the export video. If you know, then it is happening now. 34 And when it exports, here I get to see the email with which you have signed in and C are back and it has exported the video. Time is 3:59. Exported the video in 4 minutes. Brother, it has done it, it is faster than my PC, it has done it faster than me, now here we download the video, first of all download Friends Video and Han, it has not written all the titles in the video, we write them separately, so we download this also. Let's do it. It is written in the video, once I play it, I will show it to you. Now we are starting 321 Indian Culture. Body plays a very important role in Indian culture. You might be thinking that this is just a tradition of connecting two people but no. This is a tradition of bringing two families together, so pay a little attention to this and take this matter a little serious. If Sunny Leone gets married to Sunny Deol, then both of their names will be Sunny Deol. It is not good but the music is well played that this video has no meaning, this video is yours, this video is not going to come anywhere in your life, so like this video, share, subscribe and Further, here we also get to see voice cut and here we also get to see subtitles which you can connect in your video. If it came to YouTube, I could not reduce it that well. And By searching everywhere on the website, but about the rest of the website, people had told this one as the best. Big brother, if you want to edit well then come to me, friend, come to me, are you making cuts like this, but if we talk seriously, I don't know right now. What is important is what is not there in the video, it can remove the gaps in your video which is very easy, secondly you can get the captions written in order generated from anywhere, so in this also I will be able to see, you can get the music installed well and Zoom Zoom can be placed anywhere, what difference will it make, all this is still a good option for less, so if you shoot your video and after that, like he has put music on it and selected anything, you can do it easily in 2 minutes. You will put music in it, you will push its volume properly, then if we zoom out, then I can copy and apply the adjustment layer, that too will take me 3 minutes. Then let's talk about nice reduction or removing the background. That too can be done in one click in any software, so whatever it has done here, we can also do it easily because removing the gaps, adding music, all this does not take time, it takes more time, the part with captions is that partition. If it is done properly but not all of it is done then you can edit it properly so still I will give it one mark out of 10. If I am giving myself 10 out of 10 then AI will remain behind for now. So friends, if you want to know about other such tools or you know about them, then I am not going to replace them, so friends, if you want to know about other such tools, then tell in the comment section so that more people can also know and people can also get knowledge, all gathered here. Will take knowledge and please like this to other people and also share it. If you liked the video and brother, subscribe, I also subscribe [Music]


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