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    This Airless Basketball is 3D Printed!

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    This Airless Basketball is 3D Printed!

    Wilson has unveiled a new airless basketball prototype that has been 3D printed, sparking curiosity about its unique qualities. The focus is on how this innovative basketball bounces and its various differences compared to a regular NBA ball. The video script highlights the distinct features of the airless ball, such as its texture, smell, and potential triggers for Trypophobia. The author explores the surprising bounce of the airless ball, revealing that it is only around 90% as loud as a traditional ball. Despite concerns about debris entering the ball during play, the airless design seems to be resilient. However, with a hefty price tag of $ 2,500, this groundbreaking basketball may not be widely accessible just yet.


    • Wilson
    • airless basketball
    • 3D printed
    • bounce
    • texture
    • Trypophobia
    • price


    1. What is unique about Wilson's new airless basketball prototype?
    2. How does the bounce of the airless basketball compare to a traditional NBA ball?
    3. How does the airless design of the basketball address concerns about debris entering the ball?
    4. What are the potential drawbacks of the airless basketball, such as its price point?

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