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    This Free AI Image Generator Is Insanely Realistic | Text To Image Ai Generator

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    This Free AI Image Generator Is Insanely Realistic | Text To Image Ai Generator

    I know most of you are still struggling to generate photorealistic images with free tools, and 70% of users are using free AI tools for creating images. The issue with these image generators is that results often need to be compromised. However, in this article, I will introduce a free AI image generator that can create realistic human portraits. This tool is called Tenser Art, and it offers various models for cartoons, anime characters, photorealistic images, and fantasy art. One of the models showcased is called Jugger Note Aftermath, which can be selected to generate images with high realism.

    Tenser Art provides users with numerous settings for customization, including selecting base models, adding additional models, entering prompts, adjusting aspect ratios, choosing sampling methods, and setting seed values. By employing a specific magical prompt, users can enhance the realism of the generated images significantly. The prompt includes detailed descriptions of the desired image and a negative prompt to avoid undesired features. By using the right prompts, users can achieve strikingly realistic results that surpass typical free AI image generators.

    If you want to create highly realistic images for free, Tenser Art offers a powerful solution with its AI image generator. By utilizing strategic prompts and settings, users can produce lifelike human portraits and other images with impressive detail and quality.


    • AI image generator
    • Photorealistic portraits
    • Free tool
    • Tenser Art
    • Realism in generated images


    • Can Tenser Art generate images other than human portraits? Yes, Tenser Art offers various model options for cartoons, anime characters, fantasy art, and more, providing flexibility in generating different types of images.
    • Are the results from Tenser Art truly photorealistic? By using specific prompts and settings, users can achieve remarkably realistic results with Tenser Art, surpassing the quality typically seen in free AI image generators.
    • What makes Tenser Art stand out among other AI image generators? Tenser Art stands out for its ability to produce lifelike images with high detail and quality, making it a valuable tool for generating realistic artwork for free.

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