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    This Free AI Video Generator Hits Different

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    This Free AI Video Generator Hits Different

    Hey everyone, a new AI video platform called Moon Valley has been recently released, and it's creating quite a buzz. In this article, we will explore the features of Moon Valley, its strengths, and areas for improvement.

    Moon Valley is a new AI video platform currently in beta. Despite being in the early stages, its outputs are impressive. While some functionalities like image prompting and aspect ratio adjustments are not yet available, the text prompting feature in Moon Valley sets it apart from other AI video generators.

    To generate videos on Moon Valley, users can join the Discord-based beta, navigate to the Moon channels, and use commands like SLC create to create videos based on prompts, styles, and durations. The platform offers various styles like comic book, fantasy, anime, realism, and 3D animation, each providing unique visual results.

    One notable feature of Moon Valley is its ability to produce consistent characters based on textual prompts. By specifying certain attributes for a character, users can create repeatable characters within different settings, adding a level of customization to the generated videos.

    Moon Valley also offers different durations for video outputs, with longer durations resulting in more stable generations and the ability to cut around any issues that may arise during video creation.

    Overall, Moon Valley shows great potential and is worth exploring, especially with its current free beta access. As more features are added, the platform is expected to further enhance its capabilities.



    1. Is Moon Valley free to use?
      • Yes, Moon Valley is currently in beta and is available for free to users.
    2. What features are not yet implemented in Moon Valley?
      • Some features like image prompting and aspect ratio adjustments are not available in Moon Valley at the moment but are expected to be added in the future.
    3. How can users create consistent characters in Moon Valley?
      • By specifying certain attributes for a character in the text prompt, users can generate repeatable characters within different settings on Moon Valley.

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