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    This Kid Makes $100k A Month Posting TikTok's (Creativity Program Beta)

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    This Kid Makes $ 100k A Month Posting TikTok's (Creativity Program Beta)

    In a video, the creator introduces a network of TikTok accounts all run by the same individual, suggesting that he is making over $ 100,000 each month. The video highlights the potential for others to replicate this success by being transparent about the process. It discusses the evolution of TikTok monetization from sponsorships to the Creator Fund and the recent introduction of the Creativity Program, which offers higher earnings per million views. The focus is on an account named "creaky hours" that posts horror stories with Minecraft gameplay in the background. Through analysis of the account's posting frequency, views, and earnings per view, the video speculates on the substantial income generated by the content creator. It also emphasizes the key to success in TikTok as creating original and engaging content that stands out from competitors.


    • TikTok
    • Creepy stories
    • Minecraft gameplay
    • Monetization
    • Content creation
    • TikTok success


    1. How is TikTok monetization evolving? The video highlights the shift from sponsorships and the Creator Fund to the new Creativity Program, which offers higher earnings per million views, creating more lucrative opportunities for content creators on the platform.

    2. What is the strategy behind the success of the TikTok account "creaky hours"? The creator of the account differentiated themselves by posting original and immersive content, combining horror stories with high-quality Minecraft gameplay, unique storytelling, engaging subtitles, spooky music, and captivating hooks to keep viewers engaged throughout the videos.

    3. How can others replicate this TikTok success? The video suggests that aspiring TikTok creators should focus on finding a niche, adding depth to their content through better editing, storytelling, video quality, and engaging elements like hooks and subtitles to create standout content that keeps viewers intrigued and on the platform longer.

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