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    This world record is 42 days long

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    This world record is 42 days long

    There is a unique world record on for the Henry Stickman collection that spans over 1,000 hours. This record, known as "walkthrough percent," involves selecting the options "rapidly promoted executive" and "presumed dead" in completing the mission. During this mission, Henry Stickman must attack an army base and hijack a tank. If the player chooses to watch a walkthrough on YouTube, they are presented with a looping, boring video. Exiting this video results in mission failure. The challenge is not to complete the game quickly but to see who can endure watching this monotonous video for the longest time. Streamer Lancer Delta Rune managed to keep the video playing for an astounding 42 days, setting a record for the longest time spent on this particular screen.


    Henry Stickman,, walkthrough percent, Lancer Delta Rune, world record, army base, tank hijack, YouTube, looping video, streamer


    1. What is the world record mentioned in the article? The world record highlighted in the article is for the Henry Stickman collection on, where players need to endure watching a repetitive, boring video for the longest time possible.
    2. How long did the record holder, Lancer Delta Rune, keep the video playing? Lancer Delta Rune managed to keep the looping video of the Henry Stickman game playing for an impressive 42 days, setting a new benchmark for this unique challenge.
    3. Why is this speedrun record different from others? Unlike traditional speedruns that aim to complete games quickly, this record challenges players to withstand prolonged exposure to a repetitive video, testing their endurance and patience rather than skill in the game.

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