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    TikTok BODY Tricks! Get TIK TOK Famous With VIRAL Tricks!

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    TikTok BODY Tricks! Get TIK TOK Famous With VIRAL Tricks!

    Do you want to try some fun and challenging body tricks that are taking TikTok by storm? Join the KDR crew as they attempt various TikTok body challenges and see who comes out on top. From moving one eye at a time to standing up with a water bottle on your head, these tricks will test your coordination and agility. Watch the video to see the KDR crew attempt these viral challenges and find out who comes out victorious!

    [Music] i wish we could but it's raining and mom said no i still four [Music] that's right crooneys it is round two of the tick tock body challenges from the kdr crew make sure you guys comment below who you thought won the last one if you guys haven't seen the first one i'll send you a link send a thing up here boom boom click on it choose me note me no choose me obviously choose me after the video make sure you like this video too the more likes we get the more videos we can make make sure you guys like every video that you watch let's get started all right greetings follow along at home see if you guys can do these challenges along with us round one who can move one eye at a time [Music] that's what i'm married to can you move one eye at a time no no okay um [Music] oh my gosh you're getting pretty close [Applause] oh tyler can do it it's easy wow time can do it [Applause] [Music] wait wait wait wait oh my gosh oh my god what do you guys think cronies does that count [Music] she actually does that like every night when she tries to eat food off of her arms she probably thinks we're nuts oh my god oh [Music] there's probably people watching us through our window i think we are totally insane oh i need to pull the muscle i'm pretty close next round crooney's have you guys been able to do any of them you guys have been seeing this all over tick tock let's see if you can do it apparently boys can't do this [Music] [Music] boys can't do this but guys aren't supposed to be able to do that that's right guys can't do it but cason can what does that tell you [Music] i know [Music] okay so try it again i don't know my gosh all right i don't know i don't get it he can do it here we go [Music] [Applause] oh my gosh one two i give up i think i bruised my face along with my heart chris can you guys do that at home i want to know if you guys can do it comment down below if you guys can do it all right maybe show us the next one [Music] i'm pretty sure anybody can do that ty can't even get to the wall like this yeah what that you didn't do it you moved your feet who finds these things out like this you know it's probably because she's carried six babies and her back is super [Music] strong he put a dead in the wall now see he's stuck he's stuck he's stuck he's stuck did you see how easily the girls could do it and then the boys their faces are turning red this i have a lot of confidence to myself in i'm gonna be able to do this super easy super easy [Music] huh it's because it's my toes i have super power toes can you do this touch the pointer finger mom do it over you have to go over the fingers not under oh no oh he did it nice i'm doing it oh my gosh oh [Music] [Music] kids do not try this one at home i don't want you to break your thumb do not do this one see i got it oh my god look at that it doesn't even hurt it doesn't even hurt oh it's so it's like making me cringe this is honestly as far as i can go that's it shut up that's it i don't really know this is a body trick but yeah so you put one hand on you scratch your elbow and it's shorter [Music] are you like leaning forward [Music] like almost put her hand through the wall boom scratch [Music] look at that see i'm totally freaking out right now man i got the next one so first you go down here you gotta go like this [Music] nope [Music] oh look at that [Music] apparently people can't rotate their foot clockwise and draw the number six at the same time [Music] is [Applause] [Music] nope who can break an egg with two fingers not impossible i'll do it pretty easy too all right crooneys make sure if you guys try this at home you ask your parents first because i don't want broken eggs all over the house and then you get to blame the kjr crew [Music] oh can i use my middle finger use the force not one person in the k jar crew can do this [Music] okay so you have to put a water bottle on your head and you have to try and stand up without it falling off seems super easy you're a unicorn a unicorn [Music] riley i'm so proud of you you got the farthest out of everybody it's not happening not happening all right crooneys the last tick tock body trick is what mom casey and thailand have actually already done this on one of our last tick tock challenges so we have some teams to see who can do this in their team teams are mom dad team two is riley maylie team three is cason since case is a little bit stronger than me in this legs can i do the like part let's make it there heck freaking now i had to do it last time what's going to happen [Music] hold on to my shoulders you guys holding each other on the shoulder okay we fell you stood up no i didn't yes you did yeah you did you take times at first there you go [Applause] and then and then okay now let go arms oh we have to like go there you go now sit back down slowly put your arms up oh [Music] you tell us who wins this challenge and who stays up the longest are you sure dad's legs are stronger than us no i'm not ready good time oh my gosh now stand up what is she doing [Music] i think we won that challenge we probably did all right crooneys make sure you guys comment down below who you thought won the whole tick tock body challenge video it was me make sure you guys watch our first tick tock body challenge it's gonna be come up after this on the end card click on that watch it again thanks for watching see ya bye bye bye


    TikTok, Body Tricks, Challenges, Viral, Coordination, Agility, TikTok Famous


    1. What are some of the body tricks featured in the TikTok challenges by the KDR crew?
    2. Who won the TikTok body challenge among the KDR crew members?
    3. Can viewers try these body tricks at home safely?
    4. How has TikTok become a platform for showcasing entertaining body challenges?

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