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    TikTok Bots Make $1,000 Per Day FOR FREE (SCARY COMPLETE GUIDE)

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    TikTok Bots Make $ 1,000 Per Day FOR FREE (SCARY COMPLETE GUIDE)

    Are you interested in making over a thousand dollars per day using TikTok bots? Well, you're in luck because in this article, we will be discussing how to do just that. We'll show you how to get started for free and then how to automate the entire system if you have some money to invest.

    To begin with, let's take a look at the potential earnings. In the last 90 days, the author of this guide, Chase Reiner, made over $ 200,000 on PayPal and Stripe. He showcases his PayPal account balance of $ 397,000 to prove that this is not just a claim. The purpose of revealing these numbers is to demonstrate the possibility of making substantial income using this method.

    The strategy involved in this method revolves around promoting affiliate tools through TikTok videos. Chase provides a free checklist of 100+ tools that he promotes himself and makes money from. This checklist can be downloaded from The idea is to sign up for the affiliate programs of these tools and then create TikTok videos promoting them, earning commissions whenever someone signs up through your link.

    Let's take a closer look at the process. First, you need to choose a tool from the checklist that you want to promote. The choice should be based on your interest and the trendiness of the tool. Once you've made a selection, search for videos related to that tool on TikTok (or other platforms like YouTube and Facebook).

    Upon finding a video that has gained some traction, you will replicate the video using text-to-speech technology and your own screen recordings. The replicated video will include the same scenes and content as the original, with the addition of your affiliate link at the end. The goal is to pique the viewer's interest and direct them to take action by signing up for the tool through your link.

    Now, let's dive into the practical implementation of this method. You will need a TikTok account, preferably a business account or one with over a thousand followers to include a link in your bio. Record your video using the TikTok app, and remember to adjust the video length accordingly based on the duration of the video you're replicating. For example, if the original video is 60 seconds long, choose the 60-second duration option.

    To replicate the scenes from the original video, you can use stock videos from websites like Pexels. Start by recording the scenes where the original creator speaks in front of the camera, and then proceed with recording your screen to showcase the tool you're promoting. Use the text-to-speech feature on TikTok to add voiceover to your video. You can choose different voices and adjust the volume level to your preference.

    Once you have recorded and edited your video, you can add background music or cut out pauses to make it more engaging. Remember to include your affiliate link in the video description or direct viewers to the link in your bio if you have that feature available. It's essential to provide a clear call-to-action and make it easy for interested viewers to sign up through your link.

    If this process seems overwhelming, don't worry. You have the option to outsource the creation of these videos to virtual assistants or TikTok creators on platforms like Fiverr. Provide them with the checklist and videos you want to replicate, and they can handle the rest. Keep in mind that outsourcing tasks like these require understanding the process, hiring the right individuals, and managing the task effectively.

    To have a more comprehensive understanding of the entire system and learn how to automate it, Chase Reiner offers a course called "AI Profits." This course provides a step-by-step checklist for this method, along with additional resources and guidance on outsourcing. It helps you set up systems to bring in traffic, opt-ins, and affiliate revenue while minimizing your hands-on involvement.


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    Q1: Is it necessary to have a business account or over a thousand followers on TikTok?
    A1: It is recommended to have a business account or a TikTok account with over a thousand followers to include a link in your bio for easy access to your affiliate link.

    Q2: Can I outsource the video creation process?
    A2: Yes, you can hire virtual assistants or TikTok creators to replicate the videos for you. Providing them with the checklist and videos to replicate is crucial for effective outsourcing.

    Q3: Is there a comprehensive resource available for this method?
    A3: Yes, Chase Reiner offers a course called "AI Profits" that provides a step-by-step checklist, additional resources, and guidance on outsourcing. It helps you automate the system and generate passive income.

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