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    TikTok Fashion Trends Are Taking Over

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    TikTok Fashion Trends Are Taking Over

    By Brett Cooper

    Welcome back to the comment section! In this video, we'll be discussing the influence of TikTok fashion trends and how they are taking over social media. Fashion trends have always been relevant in society, but these days, people are taking them more seriously than ever before. They are not just adopting new styles or listening to popular music; they are adopting entire new personalities as part of a trend. One trend that has recently taken over on social media is the "clean girl" aesthetic, which emphasizes minimalism and simplicity in clothing, makeup, and lifestyle. However, trends are constantly shifting, and now we are seeing a transition into the "mob wife" era, which embraces a more glamorous, chaotic style. While these trends can be fun to follow, it's important not to get caught up in them and instead focus on what truly makes us comfortable and happy.

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    Clean Girl Era: Minimalism and Perfection

    Since the beginning of 2022, the "clean girl" era has dominated social media platforms like TikTok. This trend focuses on a minimalistic approach to fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. A clean girl is someone who always looks put together, simple, and fresh. Their aesthetic typically includes wearing trendy chunky Ugg boots, making perfect matcha lattes, and having a curated, spotlessly clean living space. This trend has driven consumerism, with people spending a significant amount of money to achieve the clean girl look.

    Mob Wife Era: Chaos and Glamour

    However, as we enter 2024, a new trend has emerged, signaling the end of the clean girl era. Women are now embracing the "mob wife" era, which is the complete opposite of the clean girl aesthetic. This trend incorporates dark colors, fur coats, big hair, and chaotic fashion reminiscent of pop culture staples like The Godfather and The Sopranos, as well as trashy reality TV shows. While this trend started as a humorous shift, people on social media have been taking it very seriously, rushing to change their entire wardrobes to fit the mob wife aesthetic.

    The Pressure to Keep Up with Trends

    The rapid shift in fashion trends has put pressure on individuals to keep up with the latest styles. Many people feel overwhelmed and struggle to afford the constant changes in their wardrobes. Some commenters express frustration at the inability to keep track of and afford new trends, while others seek links to specific clothing items featured in the trend. The pressure to buy new clothes and makeup to fit a trend can be harmful both financially and mentally.

    The Dangers of Superficial Identities

    It's crucial to remember that trends are superficial, and individuals should not base their entire personalities around them. Changing one's identity and entire lifestyle to fit a trend is unnecessary and can be detrimental to one's well-being. It is healthier to focus on more important aspects of life, such as self-care, personal growth, and mental health, rather than constantly changing to fit a trend. Instead of following every niche trend on social media, individuals should focus on developing their own self-expression and style.


    TikTok, fashion trends, clean girl era, mob wife era, minimalism, chaos, glamour, social media, consumerism, pressure, superficial identities, self-expression.


    Q: Are fashion trends taking over social media?

    A: Yes, fashion trends, particularly those on TikTok, are playing a significant role in shaping people's fashion choices and lifestyle.

    Q: What is the clean girl era?

    A: The clean girl era is a trend that emphasizes minimalism and simplicity in fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. It focuses on a curated, put-together appearance.

    Q: What is the mob wife era?

    A: The mob wife era is a trend that embraces chaos, glamour, and chaotic fashion reminiscent of pop culture and reality TV shows such as The Godfather, The Sopranos, and mobwives.

    Q: Are trends causing people to overspend?

    A: Yes, the pressure to keep up with trends can lead to excessive spending on clothes, makeup, and other accessories, contributing to increased credit card debt.

    Q: Should individuals completely change their style to fit a trend?

    A: It's unnecessary and unhealthy for individuals to completely change their style and personalities to fit a trend. It's more important to focus on self-expression and personal comfort.

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