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    TikTok Tech Tips are Terrible

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    TikTok Tech Tips are Terrible

    Are you looking to enhance your gaming setup? Look no further than TikTok. With thousands, no, millions of videos showcasing tech hacks, you're bound to find some inspiration. However, not all TikTok tech tips are created equal. In this article, we will explore some of the best (and worst) tech hacks from TikTok to help you spice up your gaming setup.

    Tech Hacks Unveiled

    Let's start with a tech hack from Janelle and Kate that garnered over 883,000 likes. They demonstrate a unique way to decorate your keyboard using glitter and glue. While their setup may look appealing, the result is a messy disaster. We rate this TikTok tech hack as zero out of ten.

    Moving on, we discover a video from nikolski showcasing how to paint your monitor. However, instead of following their method, which involves painting the actual screen panel, we recommend a safer approach. Disassembling the monitor, painting the outer parts, and reassembling it will yield better results.

    As we venture further, we stumble upon a video from Grim collection. They showcase how vinyl wraps can be used to give your computer a sleek and unique look. Vinyl wraps are a well-established way to personalize your setup, and we rate this TikTok tech hack as eight out of ten.


    • Gaming setup
    • Tech hacks
    • Glitter and glue
    • Monitor painting
    • Vinyl wraps
    • Personalization


    Q: Are TikTok tech tips reliable? A: TikTok tech tips can be hit or miss. It's crucial to use discretion and research before attempting any hacks.

    Q: Can I paint my monitor? A: Painting the actual screen panel is not recommended. Instead, opt for painting the outer parts to avoid damaging your display.

    Q: Are vinyl wraps a good option for customization? A: Yes, vinyl wraps provide a versatile and reversible option for personalizing your computer or other devices.

    Q: How can I ensure the best results for tech hacks? A: Take the time to research, gather proper materials, and follow reliable sources for guidance. Experimentation can be fun, but prioritize the safety and functionality of your equipment.

    Q: Are there any risks involved in following TikTok tech hacks? A: Yes, there can be risks. It's important to consider the potential consequences and evaluate the reliability of the information before attempting any tech hacks.


    While TikTok can serve as a source for novel tech hacks, it's essential to approach them with caution. Not all tips are created equal, and some may lead to disastrous outcomes. Remember to prioritize research, rely on reputable sources, and consider the potential risks before attempting any tech hack.

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