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    TikTok Tip to get past 200 views

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    TikTok Tip to get past 200 views

    Do you find your TikTok videos getting stuck at 200 views? The reason behind this is TikTok initially shows your video to a hundred people to gauge their interactions. If these interactions, like high click-through rates or long watch times, are positive, TikTok will then push your video out to a larger audience. However, if your video does not perform well with the first 100 viewers, it is unlikely to be promoted to the next thousand. This can result in your video slowly climbing to only a couple of hundred views as TikTok tries to give it more exposure without engaging enough viewers.


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    • How does TikTok decide which videos to promote? TikTok initially shows videos to a small group of users to assess engagement metrics like click-through rates and watch times. If these metrics are positive, the video is then promoted to a larger audience.
    • What can I do to increase the chances of my TikTok video being promoted? Creating engaging and entertaining content that keeps viewers watching till the end can help your video get past the initial 100 views hurdle and reach a wider audience on TikTok.

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