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    TikTok VIRAL Growth Strategy 2024 (2 MUST KNOW Algorithm Hacks)

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    TikTok VIRAL Growth Strategy 2024 (2 MUST KNOW Algorithm Hacks)

    Have you been struggling with getting your TikTok videos to break out of the 100 to 300 view range? This is what I like to call the "TikTok jail." Luckily, there are ways to fix this and get your videos on the path to viral success. In this article, I will reveal how the TikTok algorithm works and share two algorithm hacks that can help your videos go viral.

    Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

    When you post a video on TikTok, it is initially shown to a small group of people. The TikTok algorithm tests your video to see how engaging it is for viewers. It considers factors like watch time, engagement (comments, likes, saves, shares), and overall viewer interest. If your video meets certain criteria during this testing phase, it will move beyond "TikTok jail" and start gaining more exposure.

    The algorithm then repeats this process by showing your video to more people, gradually increasing your reach. However, many videos might still plateau at a certain view count without going fully viral. It's important to understand how the algorithm works to maximize your chances of going viral.

    Algorithm Hacks to Escape "TikTok Jail"

    Now, let's dive into some TikTok algorithm hacks that can help boost your video's visibility and get it out of the 100 to 300 view range.

    1. Utilize TikTok Search: While the "For You" page (the main feed on TikTok) is important for going viral, there are other areas where your video can be discovered. By analyzing video data, I discovered that a significant number of views come from TikTok search. Utilize keywords related to your content in your video captions to rank organically in search results. Aim to include these keywords prominently at the start of your video for better visibility.

    2. Text on Screen: Grabbing attention is crucial when users are scrolling through TikTok. Including text on the screen can help captivate viewers and encourage them to watch your video. Use catchy phrases, keywords, or create suspense to make your videos more enticing. Ensure the text is clear, easy to read, and visible for at least 4 to 5 seconds. This hack will help boost your watch time and engage viewers, signaling to the algorithm that your content is worth promoting.

    3. Compelling TikTok Captions: Don't overlook the power of captions. Treat your caption as valuable real estate to capture viewers' attention. Use eye-catching words or all caps for emphasis. Utilize relevant keywords in your captions to inform the algorithm about your video's content. Crafting engaging captions increases the chances of attracting viewers who will give your video higher engagement.

    4. Strategic Hashtag Usage: Hashtags play a significant role in helping videos go viral on TikTok. Based on my extensive testing, using four to six relevant hashtags is an effective strategy. Ensure your first hashtag directly relates to the content of your video. This helps the algorithm understand your video's context and promotes it to the right audience. Additionally, consider creating your own branded hashtag for personal or business branding purposes. This can expand your reach and increase exposure for your content.

    These algorithm hacks can help you break free from the limiting view range of 100 to 300, increasing the chances of your videos going viral on TikTok.



    1. How long does the testing phase on TikTok typically last? The duration of the testing phase can vary, but it usually lasts between a few hours to a few days. During this time, your video is shown to a limited number of users to gauge its performance.

    2. Is it necessary to use text on every TikTok video? While it's not mandatory, using text on screen has proven to be effective in capturing viewers' attention and increasing engagement. It's highly recommended, especially in a competitive TikTok environment.

    3. How many hashtags should I use in my TikTok video caption? It's best to use between four to six relevant hashtags in your TikTok video caption. Ensure that the first hashtag directly relates to your video's content to optimize its reach.

    4. Can I still go viral on TikTok without following these algorithm hacks? Yes, you can still go viral on TikTok without implementing these hacks. However, understanding the algorithm and utilizing these strategies significantly increases your chances of breaking out of the initial view range. The hacks help you optimize your content for TikTok's algorithm, leading to more exposure and potential virality.

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