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    TikTok growth hack

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    TikTok Growth Hack

    If you're looking to grow your TikTok account, you might want to consider an unconventional approach. One user shares their experience of growing their TikTok account from 0 to 14 followers within a year. Here are the steps they suggest you take:

    1. Delete the App: The first step is to delete the TikTok app from your phone. This may sound counterintuitive, but bear with it for the next steps.

    2. Re-download TikTok: After deleting the app, head back to the app store and re-download TikTok. Use this time while it's downloading to ponder some deep thoughts about life and the universe.

    3. Log in and Check Results: Once the app is downloaded, log back into TikTok and see the impact of these actions on your account's growth.

    The user emphasizes taking a moment to disconnect and reflect on various philosophical musings as an essential part of this TikTok growth hack.


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    1. Why should I delete the TikTok app to grow my account? Deleting the app is suggested as a way to reset and approach your TikTok content with a fresh perspective. It allows you to disconnect briefly before re-engaging with the platform.

    2. How long does it take to see results from this growth hack? Results may vary, but the user who shared this tip noted an increase in followers within a year. Patience and consistent engagement with TikTok after re-downloading the app are key factors in seeing growth.

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