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    TikTok is BOOSTING these videos | Algorithm Update

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    TikTok is BOOSTING these videos | Algorithm Update

    Note: This article is a rewritten version of a script from a video.

    TikTok has recently made a significant change to its algorithm that could greatly benefit creators. In a notification on one of my TikTok accounts, I received an update about the new landscape mode feature. This update outlined the requirements to get boosted views on videos longer than one minute and in landscape mode. In this article, I will explain the new feature, its requirements, and why TikTok is implementing it. Additionally, I will provide a step-by-step tutorial on creating videos in landscape mode.

    New Feature and Requirements

    The notification stated that posting videos over one minute in landscape or horizontal format would result in increased views. The feature is being rolled out gradually, so not every user may have received the notification. However, you can still use the feature by following the steps outlined in this article. Here are the requirements to be eligible for boosted views:

    1. You must have been a creator on TikTok for more than three months.
    2. The video must be longer than one minute and in landscape format (width greater than height).
    3. Videos consisting of lip-syncing or random recordings are not encouraged. TikTok is focusing on promoting educational and entertaining content.
    4. The videos must follow community guidelines and not violate intellectual property rights by copying someone else's content without creative changes.
    5. Videos cannot be advertisements or from government, politician, or political party accounts.
    6. It is suggested to use the hashtag #longervideos when posting landscape videos to indicate to TikTok that the video is eligible for the video view booster.

    Why TikTok is Implementing this Feature

    TikTok's decision to introduce the landscape mode feature is driven by its aim to compete with YouTube and become a comprehensive platform for creators. By encouraging creators to post in landscape mode, TikTok is inviting popular YouTubers and other creators to bring their content to the platform. This move allows TikTok to attract a wider range of content and potentially monetize it through mid-roll ad placements. Furthermore, TikTok understands that keeping users engaged on the app for longer durations ensures increased video consumption and higher ad revenue.

    However, the current monetization structure on TikTok is not as lucrative as YouTube's. TikTok creators typically earn lower RPMs (revenue per thousand views) compared to YouTube creators. To stay competitive and appeal to creators, TikTok needs to pay creators more, and the introduction of landscape videos opens up new opportunities for mid-roll ads. By paying creators better and reducing disruptive ads, TikTok can improve the user experience and simultaneously increase revenue.

    Tutorial: How to Create Videos in Landscape Mode

    There are two methods to create landscape mode videos on TikTok. The first method involves shooting the video horizontally on your phone and then using external video editing software like CapCut. After importing the video into CapCut, you can adjust the aspect ratio to 16:9 for landscape videos and export it. Finally, upload the video to TikTok, and it will automatically display the full-screen mode button.

    Alternatively, you can create landscape videos directly within the TikTok app. Start by rotating your phone to the horizontal position and record your video. Once finished, proceed to the editing screen, where you may find that the video shows as vertical but with a horizontal appearance. To fix this, use the editor to pinch the video and rotate it until it appears correctly. After saving, you can add text and captions directly on the video, ensuring they are within the visible area. Remember to have the video view booster setting turned on for eligibility.


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    Q: How long does it take for the videos to receive boosted views after posting in landscape mode?
    A: TikTok mentions that the boosted views may take up to 72 hours to be reflected. Therefore, don't be disappointed if you don't see significant views immediately after posting.

    Q: Do I need a certain number of followers to be eligible for the landscape mode feature?
    A: There is no follower requirement mentioned in the notification. As long as you meet the three-month Creator requirement, you should be able to use the feature.

    Q: Can I use this feature to make money through TikTok's Creativity Beta program?
    A: Unfortunately, videos using the landscape mode feature are not eligible for the Creativity Beta program. However, this feature can still help you gain exposure and potentially direct more traffic to your monetized videos.

    Q: How frequently should I post landscape videos?
    A: It is recommended to incorporate landscape videos into your content strategy at least once or twice a week. This ensures you are tapping into the benefits of the new feature without overwhelming your content with landscape videos.

    Q: Should I use the hashtag #longervideos for every landscape video I post?
    A: Adding the hashtag #longervideos helps signal to TikTok that you have a landscape video eligible for the video view booster. It is best to use it, especially for landscape videos featuring educational or entertaining content.

    Q: Is the landscape mode feature available to all TikTok users?
    A: While the feature is being rolled out gradually, even users who did not receive the notification have reported being able to post landscape videos and receive boosted views. Therefore, it is worth attempting to use the feature regardless of notification status.

    Q: Can I opt-out of the video view booster setting?
    A: Although you have the option to opt-out, it is advisable to keep the video view booster setting turned on to maximize the potential benefits and free views of the landscape mode feature.

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