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    TikTok’s Algorithm Changed.. DO THIS TO GROW FASTER IN 2024 (new post type)

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    TikTok’s Algorithm Changed.. DO THIS TO GROW FASTER IN 2024 (new post type)

    TikTok, the popular social media platform, has recently introduced a new post type that can significantly boost a creator's reach. This new format is unrelated to vertical videos, which are the typical content on TikTok. By switching to this new format, creators have been able to gain millions of followers in a short period of time. If you adapt to this latest algorithm change, you too can experience similar growth on TikTok.

    Before we delve into the details of the algorithm change, I would like to invite you to subscribe to my channel if you're interested in quick growth on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. I upload daily videos on how to grow on these platforms. Additionally, I have created a free TikTok growth course, which you can access through the pinned comment below. This course provides valuable insights on what you should be doing differently, the best posting times, hashtags to use, and much more. It's 100% free, so why wait? Check it out now.

    Now, let's talk about the new type of content that TikTok wants you to post, which is landscape videos. Soon, you will receive a notification informing you about this change. It is highly recommended that you opt in, as TikTok states that they will boost the views for creators who utilize this new format. To comply with the guidelines, ensure that your content is over 1 minute in length, use longer videos within your posts, and maintain a landscape aspect ratio. By following these rules, you can increase your views simply by creating longer-form content.

    TikTok's decision to prioritize landscape videos is part of their strategy to compete with platforms like YouTube. They plan to offer a homepage that combines short-form and long-form content, as well as a shopping feature, which will provide a more comprehensive user experience. By embracing this change early on, you can capitalize on the increased reach and engagement that landscape videos offer.

    To take full advantage of this algorithm change, you must also adhere to other guidelines and rules set by TikTok. Firstly, pay attention to the insights provided by the platform. They now offer information about how many of your viewers are followers versus non-followers. It is crucial to have at least 80% of your reach come from non-followers. Failure to meet this requirement may result in a decline in followers or even loss of followers.

    There are three important rules to follow to ensure a higher percentage of non-follower reach. Firstly, the 30% rule states that no more than 30% of your audience should leave your content within the first 3 seconds. To achieve this, introduce a clip change, include text on the screen, or answer audience questions in your videos.

    Secondly, the four-week rule dictates that your content should remain relevant to your audience within the last four weeks. Stay up to date with current trends and topics in your niche, and create content that aligns with what your competitors and audience are actively searching for.

    Lastly, the SL (similar length) rule emphasizes the importance of creating content of similar length to top-performing videos in your niche. Analyze similar videos to yours and determine the optimal duration to maximize your reach. Avoid creating content that deviates too much from the preferred length, as it may not be promoted by TikTok's algorithm.

    If you implement these strategies and follow the guidelines provided by TikTok's algorithm, you can significantly boost your growth on the platform. However, if you find yourself struggling to achieve results, consider joining a mentorship program that offers personalized guidance and support tailored to your goals. With professional guidance, you can accelerate your growth on TikTok and achieve the follower count you desire. Don't miss out on this opportunity; invest in yourself and realize your TikTok potential today.

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    1. What is the new post type TikTok is promoting? TikTok is now encouraging creators to post landscape videos. By switching to this format, creators can benefit from an increased reach and greater visibility on the platform.

    2. How do landscape videos help with TikTok's algorithm? TikTok's algorithm is prioritizing landscape videos to compete with platforms like YouTube. By posting longer-form content in a landscape aspect ratio, creators can take advantage of the algorithm's boost in reach and engagement.

    3. Is it necessary to follow all the guidelines and rules mentioned in the article? Following the guidelines and rules provided by TikTok's algorithm is essential for maximizing your growth on the platform. By adhering to these guidelines, such as the 30% rule, four-week rule, and SL rule, you will increase your chances of reaching a larger audience and gaining more followers.

    4. What is the significance of the SL (similar length) rule? The SL rule emphasizes creating content of similar length to top-performing videos in your niche. TikTok's algorithm favors videos with durations that align with user preferences. By analyzing similar videos and aiming for the ideal duration, you increase your chances of gaining more views and reach on the platform.

    5. How can I join a mentorship program to enhance my TikTok growth? Consider exploring mentorship programs that offer personalized guidance and support tailored to your TikTok goals. These programs can provide valuable insights, help you optimize your content strategies, and accelerate your growth on the platform.

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