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    TikTok’s Algorithm Changed.. How To Grow Fast in 2023 (Insane Results)

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    TikTok’s Algorithm Changed: How To Grow Fast in 2023 (Insane Results)

    The TikTok algorithm is constantly evolving, and it's important to stay updated on the latest updates to ensure your growth on the platform. In this video, I will cover the exact changes you need to be aware of to maximize your views and growth on TikTok. Avoiding these updates can result in a drop in views and hinder your overall growth. Let's dive into the details.

    Changes That Affect Your View Growth

    1. Deleting Posts: If you frequently delete posts, it can negatively impact your view growth. TikTok does not favor this behavior and it can limit your views even further.

    2. Violating Community Guidelines: If one of your videos has been taken down or flagged for violating community guidelines, the algorithm may delay your views and cap your view volume. This is a protection mechanism to prevent further guideline violations.

    3. Account Warnings: If your profile has received an account warning, it can decrease your view volume and limit your growth opportunities. Repeated violations can hamper your overall views.

    4. Account Bans: If your account has ever been banned, even if it has been reinstated, your view volume will be capped and your videos will be delivered more slowly.

    5. No Comments: The fewer comments you have on your videos, the less likely you are to go viral. Engagement and community interaction are crucial for leveraging view volume in the algorithm.

    Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

    TikTok now prioritizes content with the highest engagement. Simply posting multiple times per day will no longer guarantee consistent views. To land on the "For You" page, you need to create engaging and sticky content that resonates with real viewers.

    While there are still instances where random videos or trends go viral, the algorithm has shifted towards favoring authentic engagement. Going viral without any talent or effort is no longer a possibility. You need to focus on creating content that sparks emotions and encourages viewers to comment, share, and engage.

    The Key to Generating Views

    To maximize your growth and views on TikTok in 2023, follow these key strategies:

    1. Well-Written and Transparent Content: Focus on creating content that is well-written and transparent. Be genuine and connect with your audience on a personal level.

    2. Strong Storytelling and Pacing: Even if your subject matter may seem generic, you can still see tremendous growth by incorporating strong storytelling and pacing in your videos. Capture your audience's attention from the first second and keep them engaged throughout.

    3. Stellar Hook: Your hook should capture the viewer's attention within the first second of the video. Aim to make your audience happy, angry, sad, or inspired. Make them want to comment and share with others.

    4. Engaging Community: The algorithm favors videos that generate authentic community engagement. Encourage comments, ask questions, and actively participate in the comments section. Building a strong community will fuel your growth and consistently increase your view volume.

    2023 Creator Examples

    Several successful creators exemplify the strategies mentioned above. By studying their videos, you can gain insight into what resonates with viewers and the style of content that performs well:

    • Alex Earl: With his transparent and engaging content, Alex Earl has built a strong community and generates significant views. His videos focus on connection and authenticity.

    • Tori: Tori, the creator behind the brand Pink Lily, creates videos speaking directly to the camera and incorporating her team. She connects with her audience on a personal level, sharing her family life, business, and friends. This style of content has helped her generate substantial views and drive sales.

    • Mike: Mike runs the brand Waterboy, selling supplements. He creates engaging videos where he connects with his audience and delivers valuable content. By being genuine, he has built trust, resulting in both views and sales.

    • Jessica Anderson: Jessica Anderson showcases her swimwear brand and engages with her audience through realistic, personal videos. Her content is relatable, and she establishes trust with her viewers, leading to increased views and significant sales.


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    Q: How has the TikTok algorithm changed in 2023? A: The algorithm now prioritizes content with high engagement and favors authentic community interaction. Gone are the days when trends and viral sounds alone could guarantee views. Viewership is now driven by storytelling, transparency, and genuine connections.

    Q: Should I delete my underperforming TikTok posts? A: It is not recommended to delete posts frequently, as it can negatively impact your view growth. TikTok does not favor this behavior and may limit your views further.

    Q: Can I still go viral on TikTok without talent? A: Going viral without talent or effort is no longer as achievable. The new algorithm focuses on engagement and community. You need to create content that resonates with viewers, sparks emotions, and encourages comments, shares, and genuine engagement.

    Q: How can I maximize my growth on TikTok in 2023? A: Focus on creating well-written and transparent content, incorporate strong storytelling and pacing, and create a stellar hook that captures attention within the first second. Engaging with your community and fostering authentic community engagement are crucial for growth.

    Q: Which creators have successfully leveraged the new TikTok algorithm? A: Creators like Alex Earl, Tori, Mike, and Jessica Anderson have successfully grown on TikTok by creating transparent, engaging content and building strong communities. They prioritize connection and authenticity, which has led to increased views and sales.

    Remember, taking action and consistently applying these strategies will set you apart from others. Whether you're looking to grow your creator page or your business, these tips can help you navigate the TikTok algorithm and achieve impressive results.

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