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    Tiktok Foryou setting | Tiktok views problem solved | only 1 setting har video foryou pe

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    Tiktok Foryou setting | Tiktok views problem solved | only 1 setting har video foryou pe

    Assalam Welcome friends, if you also make videos on Tik Tok and you are fed up of making videos, your videos are not playing on R U and Wooster is creating trouble, then friends, there is a reason for this too. There is no need to worry, you have to do a small setting before posting the video. As soon as you do that setting, your Inshallah will get millions of views and every video will play on RU. So before posting the video. Friends, please do whatever setting you have, otherwise you have to open the ticket setting and privacy. After opening it, you will get the help and center here, you have to click on it. After clicking on this, you have to click here. But you have to click on follow and after that you say yes and post the complete video. Inshallah, you will get millions of views and your heart will be happy.


    TikTok, videos, views, RU, Wooster, setting, privacy, help center, follow, video posting, troubleshooting.


    1. What should I do if my TikTok videos are not getting views on RU and Wooster? Answer: Before posting your video, ensure to adjust a specific setting in the ticket setting and privacy section to enhance visibility.

    2. How can I increase the views on my TikTok videos significantly? Answer: By following the outlined process in the article, including clicking on the help and center option, and then selecting follow before posting the video, you can potentially gain millions of views.

    3. Will adjusting this setting solve all the issues related to views on TikTok? Answer: While this setting is suggested to improve views, there may be other factors influencing visibility; it is recommended to explore additional strategies for enhancing video reach.

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