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    Top 10 A.I. Websites For Lazy Music Producers

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    Top 10 A.I. Websites For Lazy Music Producers

    This article showcases ten innovative A.I.-powered websites that can significantly enhance music production and creation for aspiring musicians and producers. From extracting individual sounds to generating lyrics and melodies, these tools offer a wide range of functionalities to streamline the creative process.

    1. Allows users to create and export stems from any song or instrumental by simply uploading the audio file and selecting the desired stems such as drums or melody.

    2. Automatically scouts YouTube for samples based on user preferences like genre, year, and views, making it ideal for discovering unique and lesser-known samples.

    3. Enables users to search for movie scenes containing specific phrases or words, offering a valuable resource for incorporating speech samples into music production.

    4. Jarvis: A lyric generator that utilizes A.I. to assist in writing song lyrics by providing suggestions based on parameters like artist, genre, and input lyrics.

    5. Transforms text into a selected rapper's voice, complementing lyric generation tools by creating vocal samples in various styles.

    6. Amadeus Code: Generates musical ideas and chord progressions to inspire beat creation, offering a user-friendly interface for experimenting with different musical elements.

    7. A melody generator that produces beats across different genres, allowing users to tweak and customize the generated melodies for their projects.

    8. Magenta: A collection of A.I.-powered music tools by Google that offers features like drum generation, loop creation, and sound synthesis for experimental music production.

    9. Organizes music tracks by tempo, key, genre, and mood using A.I., simplifying the process of managing and categorizing large music libraries.

    10. Orb Producer: A set of four A.I.-based plugins for creating melodies, basslines, arpeggios, and synths, offering powerful tools for music composition and production.

    By leveraging the capabilities of these A.I. websites, music producers can enhance their creative workflow, generate new ideas, and streamline the music production process effectively.

    Keywords: A.I. Music Production, Creative Tools, Music Composition, Lyric Generation, Melody Generation


    1. How do A.I. websites like benefit music producers? A.I. websites like allow music producers to extract individual sounds from songs, enabling them to create stems and samples for their own productions easily.

    2. Can A.I. tools like Jarvis and help in lyric creation and vocal sampling? Yes, tools like Jarvis assist in lyric generation, while transforms text into different rapper voices, aiding in vocal sample creation and experimentation.

    3. What advantages do A.I.-based melody generators such as offer to music producers? Melody generators like provide music producers with ready-made beats across various genres, serving as inspiration and starter points for new music compositions.

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