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    Top 10 FREE AI Tools You Must Know For 2024!

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    Top 10 FREE AI Tools You Must Know For 2024!

    Are you looking for innovative AI tools that won't break the bank? Look no further! In this article, we'll explore the top 10 FREE AI tools that are game-changers and bound to make your life easier. From face-swapping to voice-changing and even creating visual storyboards, these tools have got you covered. So, let's dive right in!

    1. is a fun AI tool that allows you to put your face into your favorite GIFs. You can choose any popular GIF, select your face, and seamlessly blend the two together. Whether you want to create hilarious memes or engage your audience on social media, this tool is a must-try!

    2. is a valuable tool for creating visual storyboards from spoken ideas. Simply speak your ideas, and this tool will generate a storyboard with different panels or slides. You can customize the tone, number of panels, and even choose different styles for the sketches. It's a perfect tool for marketers or anyone looking to bring their ideas to life visually.

    3. Dubbing AI

    Dubbing AI is a real-time voice changer that allows you to modify your voice. Whether you want to add a different tone or completely transform your voice, this tool has got you covered. It's great for content creators, gamers, or anyone who wants to have some fun with their voice.

    4. RTIsin

    RTIsin offers a prompt builder that streamlines the process of creating prompts for AI models. With this tool, you can easily structure your prompts, add images, choose styles, and more. It's especially helpful for those who struggle with prompt creation and want to save time and effort.

    5. ZeroGPT

    ZeroGPT is an AI detector that can determine if a piece of text was generated by AI. It's a useful tool for content creators, researchers, or anyone who wants to verify the authenticity of a text. Simply upload the file or copy-paste the text, and ZeroGPT will analyze it to identify AI-generated content.

    6. SendBig

    SendBig is a simple and handy tool for sharing large files up to 30GB. Instead of struggling with email attachment limits or complicated file-sharing platforms, you can use SendBig to securely send large files to anyone. You can even set an expiry date, password protection, and control the number of downloads.

    7. Vroll

    Vroll is a time-saving tool that converts long YouTube videos into viral clips. If you have lengthy videos and want to repurpose them for social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram, Vroll can help you create engaging clips in no time. Simply paste the YouTube link, and Vroll will generate multiple clips for you to choose from.

    8. Btic AI

    Btic AI is a tool designed to simplify the process of creating clips from your videos. Whether you're repurposing content or creating highlights, this tool allows you to easily select the desired portions and create clips for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and more. It's a great way to maximize the impact of your videos and reach a wider audience.

    9. LinkLaab

    LinkLaab helps you create memorable branded links for your social media bio. Instead of using long, complicated links, you can simplify and customize your links to make them more user-friendly. Whether you're using LinkTree, Beacon, or Shopify Pages, LinkLaab allows you to create clean and branded links that are easy to remember.

    10. BG Remover Stockphoto

    BG Remover Stockphoto is a tool that removes backgrounds from images and also offers image upscaling options. Whether you want to remove backgrounds for professional or personal use, this tool makes it effortless. Additionally, you can enhance the image quality with the upscaling feature, improving the overall appeal of your visuals.


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    Q: Are these AI tools completely free to use?
    A: Yes, all the tools listed in this article are free to use. However, some may offer premium features or additional paid plans for advanced functionality.

    Q: Can these AI tools be used for commercial purposes?
    A: It depends on the specific terms and conditions of each tool. While most tools allow free usage, some may have restrictions on commercial use. It's advisable to review the terms of each tool before utilizing them for commercial purposes.

    Q: Are these AI tools suitable for beginners?
    A: Yes, most of these tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible for beginners. They often have intuitive interfaces and provide clear instructions on how to utilize their features effectively.

    Q: Can I customize the generated content using these AI tools?
    A: Absolutely! These tools offer various customization options, allowing you to personalize the output according to your preferences. From selecting different styles to making text and image modifications, you have the freedom to tailor the generated content to suit your needs.

    Q: How can I provide feedback or get support for these AI tools?
    A: Each tool may have its own support channels or feedback mechanisms. You can typically find relevant information on their respective websites. Whether it's through email support, community forums, or dedicated support teams, you can reach out to them for assistance or to share your feedback.

    Remember, these AI tools are here to simplify your life and help you unleash your creative potential. Give them a try and see how they can elevate your content, save you time, and empower your projects. Happy exploring and creating!

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