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    Top 5 Best Free AI Image Generator Apps (November 2023 Update!) Midjourney Alternative

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    Top 5 Best Free AI Image Generator Apps (November 2023 Update!) Midjourney Alternative

    Are you looking for the best free AI image generator apps? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top five AI image generator apps that are currently available for free. These apps offer a range of features and creative control, allowing you to generate stunning images with just a few clicks. So, let's dive in and discover the best AI image generator apps!

    1. Bing AI Image Generator (Bing Creator)

    The Bing AI Image Generator, also known as Bing Creator, utilizes the advanced Dar 3 AI art generator engine. This free platform allows unlimited usage, although the image generation process may take longer without using the Boost feature. Users receive 22 boosts per week, which reset every week. Although this platform is simple in terms of features, it produces stunning images with just a few button clicks.

    2. Canva AI

    Canva, a popular design tool, recently incorporated AI into its platform. Canva AI offers a free online image generator that is easy to use and provides simple templates for graphic design. With a few clicks, you can create impressive designs using Canva's AI image generator. While Canva AI does have some limitations in terms of usage, such as a credit system, you can work around it by creating new accounts to access additional credits.

    3. Leonardo AI

    Leonardo AI is a feature-rich AI image generator that offers a wide range of creative control. While accessing Leonardo AI may require being on a whitelist, it provides an unlimited usage option. Leonardo AI recently upgraded to its Alchemy V2 engine, offering various models and styles to choose from. With its high-quality results and options for refining and upscaling images, Leonardo AI is a powerful tool for generating AI images.

    4. Adobe Firefly

    Adobe Firefly is another free AI image generator that provides a comprehensive range of features. Apart from generating AI images, it also includes generative AI features such as text-to-image generation and text effects. With Adobe Firefly, you can create stylish, high-quality images effortlessly. While there are some limits on free usage, such as generative credits per month, you can create multiple Adobe IDs to reset your credits.

    5. Playground AI

    Playground AI is an unlimited and feature-rich AI image generator tool. It offers not only AI image generation but also generative AI editing features. Playground AI allows you to include more detail in your images, erase or swap objects, and even add new elements to your artwork. With its intuitive canvas layout and extensive customization options, Playground AI is a top choice for free AI image generation.


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    1. How can I use these AI image generator apps for free?

      • These apps offer free usage with certain limitations, such as daily or monthly credits. Some apps allow you to create multiple accounts to reset your credits and continue using them for free.
    2. Can I refine or edit the generated images in these apps?

      • Yes, some apps provide options for refining, upscaling, and editing the generated images. They offer features like image refining, background removal, and object manipulation to enhance your creations.
    3. Which app is the most feature-rich among them?

      • Playground AI is considered the most feature-rich AI image generator app as it offers a comprehensive range of creative options, including generative AI editing features.
    4. Do these apps require any technical knowledge to use?

      • No, these apps are designed to be user-friendly, allowing anyone to generate AI images without any technical expertise. The interface and tools are intuitive, making the process accessible to beginners.
    5. Are there any limitations to using these apps for free?

      • While these apps offer free usage, there might be certain limitations, such as daily or monthly credit quotas. However, by creating multiple accounts or taking advantage of promotional offers, you can maximize the free usage of these apps.

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