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    Top 5 Best Gaming Intro Templates 2020 FREE DOWNLOAD + Tutorial

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    Top 5 Best Gaming Intro Templates 2020 FREE DOWNLOAD + Tutorial

    A few applications can help you edit and customize gaming intro templates to make them your own. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the steps using After Effects and Cinema 4D. These applications may require a purchase, but you can legally download free trials to start creating your gaming intros. Follow the steps outlined below to customize and render your own gaming intro templates.

    To begin, download the free trial version of After Effects CC or CS6 and Cinema 4D from Maxon. Once you have these applications installed, open the template folder that contains the Cinema 4D and After Effects parts. Customize the text, font, and colors in Cinema 4D before rendering the intro. Export the Cinema 4D parts before moving on to the After Effects part.

    Open the After Effects folder and replace the missing file with the one exported from Cinema 4D. Load the footage into After Effects and proceed to render your video. Ensure the settings are on best quality and save the video in a suitable format for further editing or uploading to platforms like YouTube.


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    1. Can I customize the text, font, and colors in the gaming intro templates? Yes, you can customize the text, font, and colors in both Cinema 4D and After Effects to create a personalized gaming intro.

    2. Do I need to purchase After Effects and Cinema 4D to create gaming intros? While these applications typically require a purchase, you can download free trial versions to create gaming intros for a limited time.

    3. How long does it take to render the gaming intros using After Effects? The rendering time for gaming intros in After Effects may vary depending on the speed of your computer, but it typically takes around 10 minutes for the process to complete.

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