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    Top 7 TikTok Tips and Tricks

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    Top 7 TikTok Tips and Tricks

    Want to up your TikTok game? We're here to help you kick things into high gear and make your TikToks the best they can be. I'm Jessica from, and in this article, I'll be sharing with you our top 7 TikTok tips and tricks.

    Our first tip is to not record your videos using the TikTok camera. Recording videos with your device's built-in camera app allows for better video quality and gives you the option to use third-party video editing apps with more advanced tools. You can then upload your perfected videos to TikTok by tapping the upload icon at the bottom of the camera window. Another option is to create a slideshow of photos by selecting multiple images, TikTok will turn them into a fun slideshow for you.

    Creating a duet with another person on TikTok can be a fun way to collaborate. To do this, find another user's TikTok video you like, tap the share icon, and select duet. You can also record reactions to another user's video by selecting react from the share menu. If you want to use the audio track from someone else's TikTok but not include their video footage in your post, you can tap the spinning circle with the album artwork on it to queue up the audio.

    If you want to save someone else's TikTok video to your device with the original poster's username, use the download option from the share menu. Lastly, if you want to restrict downloads of your own TikTok videos, go to your profile, tap the menu icon, select privacy and safety, and turn off the allow download option.

    That wraps up our top seven TikTok tips and tricks. Leave a comment below telling us which one was your favorite!


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    1. Can I use a third-party video editing app to create TikTok duets or reactions?
    2. How can I save someone else's TikTok video to my device with the original poster's username?
    3. How do I restrict downloads of my own TikTok videos?

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