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    Topaz Labs Video AI Review: More than a refresh!

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    Topaz Labs Video AI Review: More than a refresh!

    There's a new version of Video AI, the desktop video enhancement application for Mac OS and Windows, created by Topaz Labs. This latest version is a complete overhaul of the previous one, with re-engineered, redeveloped, and re-architected features that aim to provide users with a better and faster experience. The application is designed to make videos look better through various enhancements such as upscaling, creating slow-motion videos, and stabilization. Users can also customize their settings and save presets for future use. Here is a detailed review and guide on how Video AI works.

    Topaz Labs Video AI Review: More than a refresh!

    So there's a new version of Video AI, the desktop video enhancement application for macOS and Windows, made by Topaz Labs. The first version of which I reviewed a little over a year ago here on my channel and I found it to be an excellent utility. But this new version of Video AI is not just like a small point update or a little design refresh or anything like that. This is a completely new and different application. They have reengineered everything, they have redeveloped everything, re-architected everything from the ground up, not only to make the application better and faster but also to make the user experience of the application better. So, what is Video AI? Well, it is a standalone desktop application that makes your videos look better. And here in a nutshell is how it works: you select one or more videos on your desktop, you drag them into Video AI, you then select one of your imported videos, and then you choose an enhancement from the preset menu at the top right. And there are a number of options in this menu, including upscaling low-res to high-res, creating slow-motion videos, and stabilization. The upscaling in Video AI is different from just blowing up a video 200 percent on a timeline as it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to fill in missing details, resulting in surprisingly natural-looking footage. The slow-motion feature is particularly impressive, creating new frames between existing frames to slow down footage seamlessly. Stabilization is a new addition to this version, offering options like stabilizing the subject or full-frame stabilization that fills in gaps around the edges. After selecting a preset, users can create previews to see the enhanced version of their videos, customize settings, and save presets for future use. Video AI goes beyond simple upscaling and frame rate adjustments, allowing users to improve image quality, especially useful for older or noisy footage. The application offers a free trial for users to explore its features, making it a valuable tool for enhancing and optimizing videos.


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    2. What are the key features of Video AI compared to the previous version?
    3. How does Video AI use machine learning and artificial intelligence in upscaling videos?
    4. Can users customize settings and save presets in Video AI?
    5. Is there a free trial available for Video AI?

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