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    Topaz Video AI v3.0: Working with multiple video files

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    Topaz Video AI v3.0: Working with Multiple Video Files

    In this article, we will explore how to work with individual video files and multiple video files using Topaz Video AI version 3.0. The process involves dragging video files into the application, selecting filters, previewing the changes, and exporting the modified videos. We will also learn how to manage multiple preview and export jobs simultaneously for efficient workflow. Let's dive into the detailed steps outlined in the script.

    To begin, drag a video file into Topaz Video AI to see it listed in the input queue on the interface. From there, various filters can be applied to the video file, such as upscaling or noise reduction. Previews can be generated to visualize the changes before exporting the final version. The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to preview, export, and differentiate between preview and export jobs in the queue.

    When working with multiple video files, the process remains similar. Dragging additional files into the application will load them into the input queue, allowing users to apply different enhancements to each video. Features like stabilization, noise reduction, and autocrop can be enabled for individual files, and previews can be generated simultaneously for comparison. Exporting the finalized versions completes the workflow.

    The script also highlights how users can filter and manage previews and exports for individual video files or view all jobs collectively. By selecting specific videos in the queue, users can focus on their previews and exports exclusively, streamlining the editing process. The article showcases the flexibility and user-friendly interface of Topaz Video AI version 3.0 for enhancing video content efficiently.


    • Topaz Video AI v3.0
    • Video file enhancements
    • Multiple video files
    • Preview and export
    • Filter and manage jobs


    1. How can I differentiate between preview and export jobs in Topaz Video AI v3.0?
    2. Is it possible to apply different filters to individual video files when working with multiple videos?
    3. Can users simultaneously preview and export multiple video files in Topaz Video AI version 3.0?

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