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    Topaz Video Enhance AI BEST SETTINGS (HD to 4K)

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    Topaz Video Enhance AI BEST SETTINGS (HD to 4K)

    Today, I will guide you on how to enhance the quality of your videos using Topaz Video Enhance AI, specifically focusing on upscaling from HD to 4K. Follow these steps to achieve a sharper and more detailed video output.

    1. Open Topaz Video Enhance AI and select the Proteus Fine Tune tab. Copy the settings as shown in the video, ensuring to adjust the noise reduction based on your video's quality.

    2. For the best results, set the upscale value to 200. This will double the size of your video, so ensure your system can handle the processing load. Then, copy the remaining settings and click on render to begin upscaling your video.

    3. After upscaling, you can repeat the process for a more extreme enhancement. The output will have increased clarity and detail, almost resembling a painting.

    4. Finally, take your enhanced video back to After Effects for further color correction and adjustments. For detailed color correction settings, refer to the provided link in the video description.

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    Topaz Video Enhance AI, Upscaling, HD to 4K, Proteus Fine Tune, Noise Reduction, Rendering, After Effects, Color Correction


    1. What software is recommended for upscaling videos from HD to 4K?
    • Topaz Video Enhance AI is highly recommended for its advanced upscaling capabilities.
    1. Can the upscale value be adjusted for different video qualities?
    • Yes, the upscale value can be adjusted based on the quality of the imported video for optimal results.
    1. Are there additional steps recommended after upscaling the video?
    • Yes, it is advised to perform color correction and adjustments in software like After Effects to further enhance the video quality.

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