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    Translate your video in 78+ languages using this AI tool. #ai #shorts #startup

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    Translate your video in 78+ languages using this AI tool. #ai #shorts #startup

    Yesterday evening, I had the exciting opportunity to explore a revolutionary video translation tool called Airtel. This Indian startup offers a remarkable feature that allows users to watch videos in over 78 languages, with the option to dub the content. What sets Airtel apart is its voice crowning feature, enabling users to dub videos in their own voice. Even more enticing is the news that the first 500 views will gain complimentary access to this innovative platform. For those interested, the link to access this tool for free has been provided. Experience a new way to engage with videos and connect with others through Airtel. Follow me on Found By for more intriguing stories.


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    1. What is Airtel? Airtel is an Indian startup that offers a groundbreaking video translation tool allowing users to watch videos in over 78 languages.

    2. How does Airtel stand out from other translation tools? Airtel's unique feature includes voice crowning, enabling users to dub videos in their own voice, enhancing the viewing experience.

    3. How can users access Airtel for free? The first 500 views will have complimentary access to Airtel, making it an opportune time to explore this AI tool.

    4. Can videos be translated in real-time with Airtel? Airtel allows for seamless video translation and dubbing, creating a personalized experience for users across multiple languages.

    5. Will Airtel continue to add more language options in the future? As Airtel progresses, it is likely that additional language options will be incorporated, expanding the reach and accessibility of this innovative tool.

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