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    Try This AI-Based Facebook Ads Strategy [2024 Tutorial]

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    Try This AI-Based Facebook Ads Strategy [2024 Tutorial]


    In this article, we will discuss a highly effective Facebook ad strategy that leverages AI technology to optimize your ad account. By following this strategy, you can potentially save thousands of dollars and countless hours spent on ineffective campaigns. This strategy is based on the principles shared by a renowned marketer named Charlie and has been successfully utilized by our agency to scale our clients' ad accounts. Trusting in the power of Facebook's data and algorithms, this strategy maximizes your chances of success.

    Step 1: Setting Up the Campaign

    The first key aspect of this strategy is to streamline your Facebook ad account. Instead of running multiple campaigns, focus on a single campaign that serves multiple purposes – acquiring new customers, retargeting, and targeting previous purchasers. Only create additional campaigns when necessary to target specific objectives like scaling into new countries or products.

    Next, set your total budget for Facebook ads within your Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) budget. CBO allows Facebook to allocate your budget across ad sets and optimize spending based on its algorithms.

    Step 2: Ad Sets and Ad Creatives

    In this strategy, we rely heavily on Dynamic Creative Testing (DCT). Start by creating a DCT ad set, leaving the targeting options fully broad. This allows Facebook's algorithms to target the right audience based on user data. Use the 3-2-2 method popularized by Charlie – include three creative variations, two primary texts, and two headlines. Enable Dynamic Creative and select the placements in the ad set.

    For existing successful ads, create a "Champions" campaign, where you include the winning ads as post IDs. Limit the number of ad sets in this campaign to a maximum of three – one for Champions and two for DCT.

    Step 3: Analyzing and Scaling

    Monitor your DCT ad sets closely to identify which variations perform best. Use breakdowns by images, texts, and headlines to understand the winning combinations. Once you find successful ad elements, extract the post ID and transfer the combination to your Champions campaign.

    By analyzing the data and optimizing for winning combinations, you can see significant improvements in your ad account. With DCT, you test multiple creatives without increasing your budget significantly, as Facebook's algorithms determine where to allocate spend based on performance. This AI-based approach allows you to focus on effective creatives, offers, and landing pages, enhancing your overall Facebook ad performance.


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    Q1. Why should I trust Facebook's algorithms instead of manually targeting my ads? A1. Facebook's algorithms have access to an extensive amount of user data, allowing them to optimize ad performance better than manual targeting. Trusting the algorithms can save you time, money, and effort.

    Q2. How many campaigns should I run in my Facebook ad account? A2. It is preferable to focus on a single campaign that serves multiple purposes like acquisition, retargeting, and targeting previous purchasers. Only create additional campaigns when specific objectives require it.

    Q3. How can I determine which ad elements are performing well? A3. Monitor your DCT ad sets and use the breakdown feature to analyze performance by images, texts, and headlines. Identify winning combinations and transfer them to your Champions campaign for scaling.

    Q4. Can this strategy work for all types of businesses on Facebook? A4. Yes, this strategy can be applied to various businesses on Facebook, including e-commerce. The key is to focus on testing creative variations and utilizing Facebook's algorithms to improve performance.

    Q5. Will this strategy work if I don't have existing winning ads? A5. If you don't have winning ads, focus on creating variations of a single creative concept within your DCT ad sets. Use the data to identify the best-performing combinations and transfer them to your Champions campaign for scaling.

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